Monday, February 1, 2016




One of these mornings
Crisp in their frost
Harsh in their glassy bite
One of these mornings, I say
I will glide on the frozen sidewalk
Testing my adherence to the ground
And maybe, just maybe
In the presence of this phony sun
All smiles, no heat at all
I will travel back time
In another winter
When my father and his friend
Were pulling the sleigh with all of us
Their daughters on
When at a turn we woke up in snow
Laughing like crazy
Breaking the winter demons
With our laughter
One of these mornings, I say...


She is coming.... She is finally coming
Her boys are running
Opening her way
Her dress, her walk
They all are saying
I am a powerful cat
A lioness hiden under a porcelain sillouette
We are waiting for her
To fill up the park with her joy
Charm and her insinuous perfume
A pefume that numbs wills
A pefume like a snake
Tempting with its stare the entire paradise
A perfume that stays with you long
After Noah's flood has passed
A perfume that makes you
follow her steps in a trance
From afar you see her dancing hips
You hear her bracelets jingle
And wonder how jealows was God on Eve


A woman gang raped took a two hundred lashes sentence
An injured woman in Gaza forced to strip
A black child killed because he was playing with a wooden gun
And his killing was considered "reasonable"
Floods, tornadoes, little wars, big wars, terrorism
Crisis and all sort of deaths
Debates, little white lies, huge lies told with fixed stares
The jesters can't cope any more
Kings wear the madness's hat with glamour
New tiaras for the Barbie dolls at the mall
The poet, stripped of his revelry
Pokes his eyes and ears
Rives his arteries
Floods the world with his no use blood
In a last attempt to sanity


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