Sunday, January 1, 2017




Frozen Emotions
Melted Passions
Heart pains
Down memory lanes
I find me waiting on the same spot
Where you left my heart to rot.
Hidden scars
I can see from far
The whispers and cries
Silently shows all your lies
I come back from the past
Memories are there to last
Now all emotions have frozen
And you seem to brazen.


Just yesterday I remembered the love in your eyes,
Just yesterday only I could see all your lies
Just yesterday I cleared my mind,
Just yesterday I left you far behind.

Coz it was till yesterday I had kept my hopes alive
Till yesterday I had enough positive vibes
It was only yesterday my doubts were cleared
Just yesterday I found the truth which I always feared.

The evil minded and the heartless you,
Dual faced,spineless,dishonest, betrayer are your characteristics a few.
A shrewd and cunning mastermind who plays in the name of love,
Oh!I wish to rename you with all the titles above.

I was a fool to see love in your eyes,
Which were only filled with dirty lies.
But i don't wish to sit and lament in pain,
Coz it was Yesterday I decided ill never let me get hurt again.

Yesterday I cleaned my heart,
Just Yesterday I made a new start.
Now its Today with all a freshness new,
And my Tommorow starts by burying you.



Clouds gathering in the dark sky
Shadows surrounding me,makes thoughts fly
Imprisoned in this agony i ask my mind
Bounded by regrets,leaving the past behind.

Everytime I die in your painful thoughts
I revive again and look into the change it has brought.
I never got to call you mine,
But now I feel that it was all fine.

You were not worthy and strong to lean on,
Neither will you ever care if I'm dead and gone.
But still I choose to drench in the darkest rain,
Just to soothe my heart from the burning pain.



  1. always JUST BEAUTIFUL bff

  2. YOU ARE ABSOLUTLEY WONDERFUL and so beautiful .. hugs and kisses