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“No poet, no artist of any art, has his complete meaning alone. His significance, his appreciation is the appreciation of his relation to the dead poets and artists.  You cannot value him alone; you must set him for contrast and comparison among the dead.” ~T. S. ELIOT.

And the tradition of art and philosophy keeps our literature modern and alive in every age. We rediscover ourselves as an individual through our relation to this tradition. And the comparative re-evaluation of the eternal realizations shapes our individual genius as an artist or poet.

Actually as an artist or poet or writer we have a legacy of our past which keeps alive in our present and becomes eternal in our future. This is the tradition of literary genius of which we are the torch bearer. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the individual talent only repeats itself in every age; on the contrary, individual talent illuminates the tradition in its unique personality and creative genius! The eternal expresses itself through this creative genius in every age. We in our limited capacity try to reflect this constant rediscovery of our individual talents in our relation to this literary tradition!

This monthly online poetry journal will continue archiving the works of these individual talents which illuminate our literary tradition all over the world. This month we are delighted and proud to present a special poem of poet Iulia Gherghei from Romania, which has won the prestigious poetry contest, Blackwater Poetry Group festival competition. We congratulate her on her success and extend our warm affection to a glorious literary future for her! This month we shall enjoy, as usual, thirty six poetical creations of thirty six poets around the world in a single volume!

We are thankful to all our poets and friends and the contributors of this month for their constant help and support to make our humble effort a success!





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Spades of grass
Yellow signs
Pink and white
Sneeze sounds all over
Blue, enormous skies
Lovers lanes on
Season changing street
Adam and Eve, playing
Quite blue
Your view over my jade cleavage
Opaque, the facade
Frozen in a charade
Eyelids usurp the stare
Vapors, muted sighs coiled in ice statues
Swan neck postures
Blown into mirrors with fury
Under your slick move
My acceptance should reside
But I have my pride
My eyelashes flash thunders
Melting your entire edifice
Quite blue
Your ruin spread at my feet
The merciful gods stoned your shade
Into a jade serpent
A fix target to shot apples on
Lost in blue curtains
You stain me with your stare
I melt my corners with your breath
Two sculptures rusting their shades
Two stars colliding in despair
Me, a tempest, I unveil soft spots for you
You, a tornado, swirl over my skies
We soar, lost in blue curtains
Till the Big Bang unfolds itself
Our story told and retold,
Some wounded, some blessed,
Travels restless through the galaxy
Chocolate ribbons spread on my skin
Strawberries touching lips
Love and lust in infinite dosage


We are delighted to announce that our poet Iulia Gherghei from Romania has been chosen as the winner of the Blackwater Poetry Group festival competition. Congratulations Iulia. OUR POETRY ARCHIVE feels proud to publish the winning poem!




Slumbering grandeur of forest

The queen of silence tiptoeing in between the trees
Shushing the murmur of rumbustious dwellers
Forgetting night is time to contemplate, obeying her

She stepping on old leaves without sound
The nakedness of silky feet barely caressing ground
Dressed in Godiva frock in believe that no one watching
Gracefully closing eyes of restless with a kiss of finger

Complying flowers shutting petals chastely
Till sun will give permission to uncurl for painting perfect view
The trees in solidarity turning away , closing leaves in modesty
Waiting for queen to finish rounds, going to the royal chamber
To enjoy the dreaming world as well

The morning bring upheaval, fermented in the voices
Altos , sopranos mostly competing gladiators on arena
Occasionally baritone weakly entrance would ruin harmony
Suddenly falling in oblivion and everything comeback to normal routine for duration of the day when darkness introduce herself
The queen of silence wander in Godiva frock




A careful Parent I ought to be;
A little child now follows me
I do not dare to go astray
For fear the little one will
Go the self same way

I must learn to step aside
Where pleasures paths are
Smooth and wide
A little child now follows me

I cannot once escape those eyes
For whatever she sees me do
She will try . . . For like me
She wants to be
That little child that follows me

Believes in every world of mine
And I must remember as I go
Through summer’s sun
And winters snow
I am building towards the
Future years to be
For the little child that follows me.




She calls it a flutterby
says it makes more sense than butterfly
a serious deep-thinking five
keeps my imagination alive

On a bright summers day
she wanted to know did cars wear sunblock
I told her yes and invisible umbrellas
she laughs at me incredulous

She’s growing day by day
sometimes I watch in dismay
her cute innocence I love
a gift sent from above

I hate that saying just started to smell herself
but thats exactly whats happening
no pretty way to say it
moodiness growing with her tits

She herself is turning into a butterfly
pretty makeup and jewelled wings
I watch as she flutters by
my conversation to her no longer sings

I miss that little girl
her finger giving my hair a swirl
I’m now the grumpy aul aunt
the only answer these days “sorry can’t”

She’s the niece I’ll always adore
the daughter I never had
my jealousy comes to the fore
as I see her hugging her dad

Its time for me to move on
to get a new obsession
she’s grown out of aunty Sue
today, right now, I feel so blue



Listen up, I have something important that I wish to share with you all,
I see people teeming to and fro like sheep waiting for shepherds call
Some ru
shing hither and thither, others watch with deadened tired eyes
As the world turn, they dance or shuffle earning blindly, and live their little lies
Oh Father and Mother where are you going so tired to work so hard
The young studying and cramming for lessons to get a pass on your card
Stop, just for a minute stop, do you see what I and the green tribes sees
The world is ours, and yet we allow the government to charge fees

How can the World be in debt as the six o'clock news tells us the spiel
hustling and bustling, to get ahead and keep that target make that deal
People of the land .peoples of the cities take off your blindfold.and see
Humans it needs not be, we are meant to enjoy the world does not pay a fee



In a dreamy field with dark blue irises,

Her lips are like falling, flying beetle wings.

In his blue eyes, sadness sinks and hope rises.

Over the life bridge, the bell of marriage swings.

In the flower-filled wind, as high is his thought

As near is his feeling to the heart of love.

Flapping skywards, the dark spirits come to naught.

So sunny the sky, here flies the white winged dove.

With his long black hair and his beautiful chest,

He is a Polish king in their wedding bed.

His ringed hand swings the paradise of her breast.

From their bed, so far is the moon and so red.

Their thoughts into the vast infinity slip,

Into the flowers' seeds; untouched sutured wounds

In forgotten memories flutter and clip.

Prayers from afar do flow to the red lips' sounds.

She wakes up from dreams; the irises have grown.

Her vibrating horizon is forsaken-

A love so near that her heart has never known.

Knows now who she is, from her dream, awakened.


She knelt down to pray.
Holy flashes in her eyes
And dreams she can't find
In this candle lighting time
Make visible her sadness.





With confusion
Within illusion
I swallow
My stupidity
For believing
That you're mine
For trusting
That love is real
But now
I'm wide awake
To see
Your lies
To witness
Your action
The same script
To a different person
Watch me
As I burn your ego
With the fire of truth
As I stab your heart
With the blade of ego
Feel the pain
As I slay your confidence
Scream my name
As I'm walking away
Leaving you here
To die
The price you pay
For your betrayal



Love, Human's Internal Voice

The love neared the door into the humans heart

Never even noticed before it begins to open

That indicates the movements to impart

The only problem is, how to walk through

Trust in decision is the best path to be chosen.

Through the magnetic charm that draws

Filled up the life with a lot of laughters and fun

The great things and experiences i saw

Is to enjoy the change and to colour the lines

Oh love, i see in you the first ray of the sun

Love is the internal voice of the human

When the heart speaks, try to listen!!

Listen carefully, here speaks a woman

The red blood in our heart, our love as one

If man or woman time to think if something is missing




From the Queen of Hearts' Collection:
I'll watch over you as you watched over me.
Oh my Mother,
Don't think I can't see how tired you are,
Don't think I can't see the pain in your eye,
You hide it but it shines like the brightest star,
When you think I am asleep, I hear you sigh.

Oh my Mother,
You'd be upset if you knew that I feel so guilty,
For every night I deprived you of sleep,
For every time you fought to give me dignity,
I can't tell you but deep inside, for you I weep.

Oh my mother,
Your love has carried me through the years when
Everyone had given up on me but you never gave up,
You urged me to fight, you said you shared my pain,
You said: ''Hey baby, you and I, we'll show the world up!''

Oh my Mother,
I saw when you let your friends go because of me.
When I was small, it was ok, but as I grew up they
Didn't see me as a person, they wouldn't look at me,
You said, ''don't care, you are worth every one of them.''

Oh my Mother,
I know every day you worry that if you go before me,
Who will take care of me, who will love me the way you do.
Will they sacrifice their all like you did, for the love of me,
For every second I lay motionless in my bed, I love you.

Oh my Mother,
You never see my disabilities, for you I am just wonderful,
Day after day you give me comfort through your presence
I will repay you, Oh my Mother, for a love so beautiful,
I'll always watch over you when I am gone to Heavens.




I am a pilgrim on a mission's journey
   my life is an open book to everyone I meet
       the end I still can't see for my tavern
            is hidden in a deserted place only embedded in my mystic dreams.

From each road I traversed on
   I met extraordinary people from an ordinary world we inhabit
     a vagabond touched my life with his stories of life's bitter-sweet scenes
         a lonely soul pierced my heart for the longing to find himself
             in a whirlwind of maze-like obscurities on his every path....

The question is always the same, "where is my place in this world?"
    where can I finally find myself for I have been lost a dozen of lifetimes before
       with the cyclical reincarnation of my perturbed soul
          Can you please tell me where is my true home?


                Your true home is a place where your dreams turn into reality
                Where heaven and earth meet at the far, distant horizon
                When you follow the voice of the Almighty
                He can show you the way with each of your life's journey.
                You will never be lost again on a road less traveled
                For when realization sets in, you'll just keep on rememberin'
                He was the One who has been there for you
                Your fears and doubts will leave the fortress of your heart
                If only you know the one who you can turn to.

People come, people go as you journey in life, it's inevitable sometimes one has to go
       Just like the changing seasons, each person can enter your life and take you to another realm
          Spring showers you with beauteous blossoms and Fall lets leaves kiss the ground
             what matters is in every chance encounter, your life made a turn-around...

In your journey through life as you meet different people along your path
        You can either teach them and touch their lives like no one ever did before
               Or you could be the one to learn lessons that will be left embedded in your heart
                  But goodbye is inevitable like the chapters of a book, the time comes when things have to end...



In the darkness of the night,
When the world is asleep tight,
Her cries muffled in pillows,
Her tears so full of grief and shadows,
Deep inside her heart,
She is slowly dying,
The pain too much to bear
Her self broken asunder.
She moans and groans
In childbirth-like pangs
For her dreams were laid to waste,
Her belief in miracles at stake.
O what is the use of living
She asked.
Will life ever changed,
Will I matter at last?
Will he stop his cheating heart?
Or curb his lying tongue
Lies are wonderful to one's ears
And gracious to one's heart
But when the truth is out
Oh how life departs.
The blowing wind and hissing rain
Lend a death march like beat
To her own weak heart beat.
Her heart was in her hand.
Placed in a stone coffin so grand
The funeral procession
Held in high fashion.
With a stick of cigarette as the spade
A glass of margarita was the soil instead.
She shouts, Is there no God in heaven?
Oh God why did you allow this?!
I thought he was the one...
But now I know not what will come...
Years passed and she watched
As he ate his own failings
Fast his mistress grew older and fat.
Her skin loosely falling
They were miserable creatures
Both blinded by stature
Ones who were wantonly greedy.
And she was filled with pity
For she knows that God has heard
The prayer she uttered.
Left no man unpunished
For another's dreams that he tarnished
And she knew even then
There is a God in heaven.

©DEMINA, 2015



I feel dizzy looking at your eyes! I love them. They are containing me and you are contained in mine... Tan lamps that radiate love and beauty. They invite me in,  they  invite the world, sanctuaries of magic forces to serve Eros, who's not afraid to be a savior. Any  soul I look, through them, is healed.

Blessed the love in us ... It is generously felt  in ecstasy  every day. I wear  gleaming gold baubles and bangles, beads and coins, the ring with the red ruby of our passion. I hang your black rosary of the twinkling night's stars on my hand, I start a charming belly dance . I dance for you, sun of midday, you are traveling me with our love!

First I stand bathed  in your spokes with my hands upraised to the sky. I pump redemptive  energy from the edges of your humid lochs. To pass it  as brand new  golden love on the world.

You make me a better woman, even when I meet you only with my imagination.

You first see me when you open your eyes to the morning light. Keep your eyes open, your heart thirsts overwhelmed with healing. Accept the gift of love which purls through all your members.

Look at your hands! At these hands, the hands I love, at their every tiny detail. Warm them from all sides. Feel that all my tenderness left me and came to embrace your hands. Then it begins to be infused  like balm  in every of your  members,   in the neck, in your ears, in your elbows,in  your chest, even in your big, impressive toes.

Every inch of your body told me one thousand stories,sang me one thousand songs.

What is the need of pens and paper! If poetry can be what you touch, everything you feel, enough to be bewitched by the magic wand of passion. I do not need to know how to read or write! The whole world is an invisible paper to paint love which tends to meet its creator.

"Be well!". A phrase,  said out of politeness. Whisper it, listen to it from my lips day and night. If anyone hears me, smile, do not explain, just immerse yourself, absorb and breathe in courtesy to be sweetened.

Stay for a while longer, dear! Come on! Fondle tenderly  my thoughts, I need it! Do not think of what will occupy your attention and will be your responsibility all day. Wait! Hug me a bit more tightly, like I will too ... Do not say nothing, do not think for a moment ! A moment before I answer to the real world "Okay, okay, I'm coming ..."

You are everywhere with me! Nobody knew, but I came back to embrace you in the empty room and we were still there together eternally in love.

Darling!  I invent a new game every day, today I will think more about the words and will observe more the objects that also begin with the letter  S. which is the first letter of your name ...

When my mind wants to banish what tires me, what makes me sad, what upsets me, I close my eyes and contemplate your image. I dissipate whatever is negative in life,an angel, who has your face, throws away  everything  like ashes over the sea . I fly  with you and paint the world with colors that suit you. Like an Hindu dancer, I try to make drawings in the air of your tattoos, which are indelibly marked on your body with all the emotions they carry.

One of them is me. A yellow rose with petals  orange on the edge. On your left arm. I'm sure you see it all the time and smile. You caress it and kiss it, when nobody looks. When you do not have the courage to do it,  that's why I lent you my eyes to look through my own perspective once in a while. World is filled with yellow roses with tiny thorns to remind you that beauty wins and difficulties are prognosed to lose the game. My subconscious gift accompany you as a stamp on your body, look inside you!

I brought you yellow for optimism, to rejoice, to keep your spirit  always alive and vivid to dwell spiritually, to love life and to withstand  life ...

I brought you orange to do not forget to come and feel alive by enjoying nature. To struggle, to be independent and dative, a  loyal friend to anyone, who loves you.
You offer me black  all the time through your rosary. A mixture of all colors, you  ask me for prestige and dignity, me to stand unbending for your sake, you to be proud of me.  

I decided my luminous soul to be only yours, a star in your loneliness. To be fomented its splendor by you, to grow stronger, to be inexhaustible. To love you again, again and again with the rhythm which the beads of your rosary sing.

Ah! What a great force can have a small object, what direct effect to the soul, what courage it can give, when offered out of love!

I caress you by touching its beads or I hold your hand by wearing it on mine, whenever I need you. I smell it to retrace your smell.

Unite with me in this aura, dancing for you in front of me. Its song will save you.Throw away, my love,  what shook your confidence. Because my confidence also refuses to camp anywhere else, than on the edges of your soul.

We are bathed in red  by a sunset  full of excitement, of passion and of  promises for the coming morning.

Let's golden, golden, golden  be your day with all this happy festival, which I create to send you.

I sown flowers in ruby color in the garden of my heart to honor your name.I wear your ring and I dance in circle, I vibrate to vibrate the earth, whereon  I step decanting you courage, bravery and treatment.

Wear this moment, which I embellished for you!

When my desire becomes unbearable, the consolation is my only help. I imagine you in a thousand and one expressions of love. Choreographing every sense in its dance. In a sunny shore in the scent of pine and sea ... Your eyes come  again and your neck ... The colors ...
I come to  wrap you with  my desire, to make you feel my endless kisses ... To create a fragrant breeze you to inhale, you to be resurrected, to make me revive since our soul is the same.

Close your eyes to smell the aroma! Listen to my whispered spells...Let your  palm open for me to come and lick the bees's honey in there, sliding my tongue over it towards your lips to share with you the taste of thyme and mint ...

Let's shut our eyes for a moment and everything that divides us, disappears ... How exquisitely we feel together now that we have a house to shelter our souls! Stay a little longer ... Dance a passionate tango with me, feel the rhythm of our joined bodies, warmly, relaxed, leisurely, until we fall asleep laughing and weary,  entwined in our bed for as long as reality  fades  ...