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 “In a political culture of managed spectacles and passive spectators, poetry appears as a rift, a peculiar lapse, in the prevailing mode. The reading of a poem, a poetry reading, is not a spectacle,…..”
 ---Adrienne Rich.

Yet poetry communicates emotions evolved from the nervous system of the poet to the very inner soul of the readers, without which a poem remains   unfinished. The motive of a poem should not be to manipulate its readers; it will not succeed. And to reach the goal of enveloping readers with the essence of the poem, it must be honest with itself. Only a clear and true vision can achieve this. Every poet should possess this virtue without which a poem cannot survive. 

Poetry is also a means to transcend our personal visionary limitations to reach the cultural extensions of our traditions and inheritance in our ever changing world. Poetry also constantly propels us towards the future. And a literary magazine or specially a poetical journal has much to offer to ensure communication between the poet and the readers evolving through traditions and cultural inheritance.

To keep pace with the changing times, a literary magazine needs to evolve in web format not only for the internet savvy new generations but also for senior citizens. This is why we have started this online monthly journal “OUR POETRY ARCHIVE”, which is becoming popular day by day. We have diversified our contributor list to different continents, bringing in literary cultures and traditions of different countries. So “Our Poetry Archive” is literary becoming a worldwide poetical festival every month. And only a festival can bridge the gap between every single individual ‘I’ into an ocean of human ‘WE’. Yes, in “Our Poetry Archive” we do strongly believe in this. Our entire endeavor revolves around this belief.

We extend our sincere invitation to all our readers and writers alike to participate in this journey. Like all the previous editions, we have archived thirty six poems written by poets of various continents with different cultural backgrounds and literary heritage. We are glad to inform you that the viewership of our journal is rapidly growing every day. You can have a look through the Google Stats of the viewership of Our Poetry Archive.     

Thank You All!
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The sari's strange , unattended beauty
Betraying lightness in sweeping movements of wind
The golden threads of sunshine trying to hide without success
Giving the whole fabric richness of the ancient maharajah palace

Bright colors lifting spirits
Making the every woman in it looking as a queen
The elements of spiritual beliefs translated into
Translucent, luminous intrigue, ablaze with song of nature

The birds seems singing in delight
The flowers are blooming in the deeper hues
Female charms pronounced while the fabric draping over
Light whisper shushing in between the folds
Silk speaking in the tongues, expressing feelings
For the lack of words


Not for commanding head of John the Baptist
As prize to satisfy my ego's huge demands
The bloody outcome, measured by someone life
Not merit such a trifle as shaking hips before the greedy eyes

I'd dance for you
It pleasing me to know how much pleasure
The enjoyment you'll get by watching lovely movements
My body glistening with pearly drops of sweaty jewels
Very little cloth to show supple skin brazen assurance
To make you shake in the desirous temptation

My dance is form of mating ritual
The silent invitation to join me later in the bedroom
Continuing the music in between the ribs of bed
I do not talk , the hands, flying in the sky
The eyes flashing the lightening proclamation
The stomach belly dancing the desire
I think you ready now , untie your chilly demeanor
Joining in dance without name
Who needs a name when feelings speaking


You made me love you
The charming imp sprang from eyes
Preparing to unleash the magic tricks
To further deepens my infatuation
The strings on heart , tied in tight knot
Untethered, letting the energy unencumbered to pass
From mine unquiet soul to your awaiting one

No,you did not make me love you
That not right expression to describe
More likely it was written in the ancient annals
That we would meet someday not separating ever since
I loved you long before the calendar assigned date
What bounded to happen happened in lightening moment
Surprising both of us with speed of such occasion deed
Surprise for mortal beings , not for the spirits floating around

Margaret Gudkov


Donna woods


Walking on this road alone
Just me myself and I
No one to hold my hand
Or comfort me when I cry
My tired legs are aching
Not sure I can carry on
I need to find a purpose
But I feel like I don't belong
Everyone seems so happy
But yet I am dying inside
No one to share my thoughts
And no one to be my guide
This journey feels so lonely
Only myself to ask advice
But I don't have the answers
So I always have to think twice
Memories still haunt me
Some I can just never forget
I am filled with deep emotions
And I live with such regret
The mistakes that I made
And the things I didn't say
Are still a constant reminder
And I live with it every day
Tomorrow wont be easy
Yesterday was painful too
But with each passing day
I realise just what I have to do
I have to learn to live again
And I have to hold back fear
I have to learn how to be alone
But still let people get near
Every day I will grow stronger
And I wont give into defeat
I may have been knocked down
But I'll get back on my feet
I'll leave the regrets behind me
And treat them as lessons instead
I wont bother looking back
I will only keep looking ahead

© Donna Woods 2015


Maribella Genova

Eternal love I promised,
eternal love I shall give.

No matter
how frightful the thief
or belligerent
the night.
It is here to stay,
embracing the
memories in your ailing heart,
burdened by Nightingale's absence
who's whimsical song
once greeted your delighted spirit.

Listen to my melodies
draped in the
blooming flowers
with love's relentless craving.

Feel me rising,
with every
star you place a wish,
guiding your every desire,
toward your aspiring dreams.

I am here.
Open your heart.
It is there I nest.

*Maribella Genova


Sheena M. Annis

Just as a butterfly, I have
gone through the transformations
of my life.
Always taking a moment to look
around me, to show appreciation
for nature and nurture.
It has been awhile since I have been
nurtured but still, every day is a new
I am hopeful someday that I will have
someone by my side as I go through
the next transformation in my life.
Even if I remain alone, I will cherish
each day. Like watching my children
grow and now watching theirs growing
as well.
So many may have lost hope but I still
swear that there is always a light in
the tunnel.
Close your eyes for a moment, breathe
in, counting the breaths that you make.
Just sit and let your mind relax.
Their is always a loved one with you,
although you may not see them. they
are right there beside you.
They will hug you as you cry, patting
your back, doing their best to encourage
I know that times are tough but you can
do it, I know you can. Some days may be
harder than other's but someday you will
look back and be grateful that you did.

Sheena M. Annis