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Is poetry the supreme expression of the noblest human emotions: of love and sympathy; of awareness of the infinite value of life; of the realizations of the eternal truth through the strokes of individual talents of creative genius? Yes poetry is all these together in a single volume of human brilliance! And a poet’s life is the extension of human consciousness into the eternal essence of life and sympathy! His soul belongs to the future as well as to the present of his own time with the cultural heritage of his predecessors. So a true poet lives not only in his contemporary time but also in the time future with his cultural heritage projecting the eternal essence of human sympathy and consciousness.

It is the magic of poetry which every poet wants to live with, to explore and to put an individual signature of brilliance into it. So we with our limited capacity wish to capture this entire phenomenon in this online monthly poetry journal and want to present our readers a flavour of contemporary poetical activity around the world. This September we are happy to publish thirty six poems, collected from our Face Book group WWWW; posted by the same number of eminent poets form all over the world, and hope to satisfy our readers with their individual brilliance!

Every month as usual we invite poets around the world to participate in this journey of poetical exploration with their poems! Our address is <ourpoetryarcive@gmail.com>  Our gratitude to all the contributors of this issue  and benefactors, supporters and friends.






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Roula Pollard


Along oceans I sail, along continents for centuries I walk
In search of a voice, in discovery of a soul,
Until our voices, our vision, our routes unite.

To fight against the darkness of time,
To dilute hate piled up during eons,
To prevent fear from penetrating our cells,
To close the gap of the man-made abyss,
To remove death’s wings flying over us,
Masked as nuclear weapons.

Oh You! Unknown to me then, became beneficent,
Your silence eloquent, eliminating distance of continents…
Till your sigh’s echo broke the storm of indifference.
I overcame with inner strength illness, pain, loneliness
Humanity's strength I learned from you.
Along oceans I sailed, along continents I walked barefoot,
In search of a voice and soul.
In the springs of courage, in search of earth and food
I met myself in you.

Within your justice give me shelter,
See the starvation of my countrymen,
Remind the world of what it knows.

Who protects unprotected orphans, 
Helps swollen bodies to sooth their angry wounds?

Yet, a glowing vision grows stronger by the hour.
God walks on our land, stretches above the plains of our hearts
Like a giant protective screen, extending hope to the horizon,
Narrowing the distance between divided hearts,
Killing the disguised demon of poverty,
Exterminating all opposition against His guardian heart.
Unknown to me in the past, you are one blood with me
On this journey
Our tongues taste both vinegar and honey.
Together we toil as saliva and tongue for humanity
Until we walk the land of Reason and Compassion.
© Roula Pollard


Anca M. Bruma

I do not wish to reach shores
where I build my longing
and oblivions walk barefoot and silently…
I do not wish shores
where trees bloom senselessly
and stars loose its train during refluxes…
I do not wish to reach shores
where nights set inside my thoughts
neither sweets waters or cravings
snowbound by amnesia…
Yearning of you hits my last fiber of retina…
I do not wish for shores
where seasons’ shadows crucify me!...
I bury my wings,
I know you were no more than a chimera,
no struggle inside one last remembrance,
so nights can have its dreams.
I do not wish for shores
where sleeplessness temple can rest,
in hope the universe will narrow inside me.
I converted my wings into taciturn stones!
I do not wish for shores
where waters cut my restlessness and questions,
trying to find our lost steps in the penumbra…
even the hourglass cannot bring back my Love…
I do not wish for shores
where I tried to remove your nights out of me,
just a stellar sleep watches over at the border
between wakefulness and sleeping,
through insomnia, words keep wondering…
I am not ready for another flight!...
At the corner of each second, Love still howls
of so much yearnings… cold and arid…

Anca M. Bruma


Anna Zapalska


So many fascinating places
blink with the eyelids of the world,
Expensive hotels, the best apartments,...
Dancing evenings, sunny coctails...
Changing as fast as seasons and mirages,
Nothing to regret, all will stay in my memory...
But there's only one unique place...
Where magic emanates from every corner,
Where every street sings itself with own melody
And each dove is wrapped in a legend...
The city of my heart where I'm not afraid to die...
How sweetly you flouted the law around Wawel Castle
This night when I was all pelted with narcissi...
Nearby of our first apartment on Baluckiego Street,
When all stars shined from Earth to the sky
This night when I was over the moon, ready to die...

Anna Zapalska




through the streets of life
under the infinite sky
the daylight unfolds
the lucid neon lights of the sunrise
the midday of concealing and grief
the tapestry of dusky downfalls
the reflection of the deafening night
from the shadows of gloaming slumber
the clock of life ticks and speaks
like a host of foreshadowing sidereal
from the womb of innocence
to the harbours of compassion
to the shelters of immense freedom
of a sanguine vagabond
until the tomb of peace
is happening within
and beyond me.

~Ceri Naz




I am helpless
I'm depressed
World around me
Is sinking my
World is tore apart
No home
No future
No hope
I just run for
My life
Wide sea
And its waves
Could drown me
Could save me
All my money
For a place
In a boat
Every soil
Can be fertile
For me to grow
Except my homeland's
On which I was withering
I'm out there now
Everyone else is dead
I survived
I have no food
No place to sleep
No dress to wear
I just lay on a beach
Of a country which
Is called paradise
Cos in paradise
I can be hungry
But I don't feel
Cattle at butcher's
No more
This must be
Paradise although
These people seem humans
I'm persuaded
Angels have left
Paradise long ago..................

Chryssa  Velissariou




The alpha and omega
lay in the enclosure this night
Their coats are shining
" such beauty "
In the light of the moon
this glorious night
They rough and tumble
In joy, as one
The other creatures of
the forest Enchanted
silent, as they look upon
The wolves oblivious
it's their own world It
can do no wrong
A freedom to run, have fun
If you listen carefully you
can hear them Singing their

Alison  Green




A reflection
of what it really means
the tantalizing trivial
like droplets of rain
splashing away from
the scene where will
it take me today
What makes me
says the fight inside
it takes the interest
and combines
like a crouched tiger
a feeling of dedication
waiting to scream
Because I can
and everyone else too
has the rhythmic vibes
within that wants
to pulsate and be released
come on give it try
a positive burn
from inside
Take off on your own
meet the truth
face to face
and feel there is
no escaping once
that latitude has
been reached
whatever pole it is
you want to reach

Dori Foster


Michael miller


I have longed for you my love
as committed the tanager to sing
my yearn to hear your voice
as watercourses the mountains spring
My joy leaps like the springbok
at the thought of coming home
the beating heart within my breast
hungers for you alone
When the snow and ice melts
beneath the suns warming heat
the earth without her radiance
what I am do you complete
The blossoms in the grasslands
in errand paint their every hue
when your loves my garment
there is nothing I can’t do
The desert wind drives the sand
exposes parchment there below
nothing here satisfies my thirst
till you I will fully know
Lakes reservoir water drains
their brooks plunge unto the sea
desire is my own refrain
till when you live with me
When the molten lava flows
to torch all within its reach
the fire that burns within me
the ardor that did me breach
I cannot endure without you
you are the sinews to my bones
no cadence exists in music
without the ascend of tones
All that abides around me
might as well be dead
apart from your connection
lies lifeless thoughts ahead
I want to fly into your arms
as a bird glides to her nest
enclose myself in your embrace
and to there forever rest
I see with a heart of woman
for I know no other kind
the person you are consumes me
like you no other will I find
Every treasure buried deep in earth
every symphony of notes I hear
less than what conceives your worth
its ecstasy when you are near
source Song of Solomon
Michael Miller




Gasping for air, she tries to
break free of being held down.
She yearns to go back to simpler
She got away as fast as she could,
off to a new chapter in her life.
She loved her work but did get
Falling asleep exhausted at
night, listening to those familiar
sounds of home. The country
music, would help her to calm
down just long enough to
Endless lonely nights. She kept
to herself, being shy and unable
to become attached to anyone
or anything.
Sad, yes it was but we all get
hit by slamming doors, held
captive by the invisible chains
of those who may want to control
She was very much in love with him.
It didn't happen right away but
over time. He cheered her up
and made her feel wanted for
She didn't remember when it changed.
Suddenly that wall of protection
around her had been stripped, the last
wall that hid her, came crumbling down.
The decision was made to leave.
She completed her duties. Now
there was no one left who
who needed her.
She became tired, so tired that she
even asked God to take her. Instead,
he sent her on a quest to find herself.
He would no longer manipulate her,
pulling her strings, tossing her
away like a stuffed animal with no
more stuffing in her. He tried to take it
Breaking free, she woke up, the sweet
smell of the citrus trees and flowers
around her. She became beautiful
again. She was able to breath,
again. There would be no more
suffocating by him.

Sheena Mosier.




The night succumbing to the full moon charms
Enamored with rounded surreal perfection
The silver screen on sky reeling new movie scene
Juxtaposition of the stars stays same but light somehow
Changing into brighter, sharper composition
My hand can pick it up and cradle moon like baby
Admiring perfect shape , the smoothness of the lines
Then lay back on dark tablecloth with shiny threads
Simply pastoral image of the peace in this non peaceful world
Next night will arrive, chipping the pieces off the paragon
Shedding the strings to the abyss of nonexistence
From full to half and back again, completing wheel
Life, death, resurrection , growing, changing
Failing, succeeding , ending and beginning

Margaret Gudkov




here are
your bones
in this grave
but I see
your face
we played football
in the schoolyard
on the striped rug
at the Van Starkenborghkanaal
we were so young
by seeing my youngest daughter
I repeat my puberty
and think a lot about you
our first time
at your place
I put a white rose
in the vase near you
bye, first love
you walk forever
with me
© Bianca




Somewhere under these vibrant stars the angel dreams
And waits for the answer to the echoes of her heart's tune
She knows that the chances may be slim but hope remains
That her true love resides tonight just waiting for a blue moon
Look to her when starshine kisses the twilight sky
For she will be lost in flight somewhere on angel's wings
She waits patiently for what may never come to be
Yet in the silence still you can hear the song she sings
Mayhaps if given the chance she would trade it all
Give up every moment spent lost in wonderous flight
For but one chance to touch the heart of another soul
Who will pull her close when darkness falls and hold her tight
What a treasure has been the gift of freedoms grace
Yet what a solitary journey for even an angels heart to bear
Show her that dreams can come true even for one lost
Just call her name in wild abandon and she will find you there-

Julie Kops




My eyes are open
Yet, I cannot see
I am afraid
Of things unseen
Within my heart
I see things clearly
While in my mind
I have some fears
HE beckons me
To roads unknown
Although ahead
The darkness grows
I have to wonder
How can it be?
Along the path
No soul I see …
The evening shadows
Keep solemn company
I walk alone
No one but me
Then all at once
I feel HIS presence
I feel HIS love
So close to me
HE reads
My thoughts
And calms my fears
HE softly speaks
Don’t be afraid
I am still here
Like a small lamb
In hands so gentle
My soul to HIM
I give so free
Although my eyes
Were clearly open
Within this life
I could not see
A Father’s love
Forever growing
With tenderness
And words unspoken
HIS gentle hand
I felt so often
Within my heart
Comforting me
In times of trial
And celebration
Here by my side
HE stood by me

© Juanita Garcia Vera


Benedicta Ruiz

I AM...

the beauty out of my life
you have celebrated
yet you do not know me.
i walk with brides and the famous
on red carpets and reception halls
i march with holy emissaries and royalties
in grand cathedrals and castles
i grace homes with designers' delights
from soft cravats to flowing drapes
shimmering, elegant, luxurious.
i am small but big in the beauty i create
i am as old as civilization, perhaps even older
and like you, molded by the Potter's hands
precious as i am, i have been
sold. bartered and smuggled
to the far reaches of the earth
with my own trade road to boast
i connected continents.
well fed and protected at tender age
i was reared by loving hands
as adult, from my own fibers i built my own house
to await my destiny
while some of my kind were spared to procreate
i was one of the chosen
to be dipped in hot elements
that changed my fate.
i never saw the light of day
for my house was deconstructed
to unravel the fine fibers
known as
unique and lustrous
strong enough to suture wounds
long strands to weave
into designers' artistic quest
you would say...
a timeless beauty.
...i am Bombyx Mori
AKA: silkworm...
humbly, i must ask you...
what price was my sacrifice?
nihneeq (nature series)

Copyright Benedicta Ruiz