Tuesday, September 1, 2015




You must be thinking about me
When you came out of the door
To attend the class of physics
That was held on the first floor
I thought about you all the time when
You were in a class in the down floor
Looked at the watch again and again
When you were coming to first floor
As if unknown to my presence you
Did not stand a while at the door
Though my face was in your mind
You were feeling a little shy I was sure
You were nervous as eyes fell upon me
You went on climbing to third floor
It was the time your heart went awry
You realized you missed me on first floor
We went on chasing and waiting
Each other from one to other floor
Sometimes passed a wink or a smile
When we crossed each other at the door
I came out from my hostel to speak
Out my heart that I have not done before
Decided to sit on the bench behind you
When you came to the class on first floor
It was not a mistake by you I was sure
When once you ran up to fourth floor
Where in search of a lonely place to read
I had gone closing the gate of third floor
That day we sat close shedding inhibitions
Promised from each other we run away no more
The building echoed with a loud applause as
Hand in hand we came down to the ground floor

Anil Kumar Panda

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