Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Benedicta Ruiz

I AM...

the beauty out of my life
you have celebrated
yet you do not know me.
i walk with brides and the famous
on red carpets and reception halls
i march with holy emissaries and royalties
in grand cathedrals and castles
i grace homes with designers' delights
from soft cravats to flowing drapes
shimmering, elegant, luxurious.
i am small but big in the beauty i create
i am as old as civilization, perhaps even older
and like you, molded by the Potter's hands
precious as i am, i have been
sold. bartered and smuggled
to the far reaches of the earth
with my own trade road to boast
i connected continents.
well fed and protected at tender age
i was reared by loving hands
as adult, from my own fibers i built my own house
to await my destiny
while some of my kind were spared to procreate
i was one of the chosen
to be dipped in hot elements
that changed my fate.
i never saw the light of day
for my house was deconstructed
to unravel the fine fibers
known as
unique and lustrous
strong enough to suture wounds
long strands to weave
into designers' artistic quest
you would say...
a timeless beauty.
...i am Bombyx Mori
AKA: silkworm...
humbly, i must ask you...
what price was my sacrifice?
nihneeq (nature series)

Copyright Benedicta Ruiz

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