Tuesday, September 1, 2015




In calm waters of a lake
A sudden turbulence suddenly caused
Caused same simmering and ripples
In my calm mind and heart
Sudden rush of rippling waves
Touched the petals of the floating lotus
And I saw it in quivers
Along with waters and my being
As if scared to be broken and washed away
From Existence.
I thought my existence is
Like every alphabet got attached
By certain artistic hand to be a word of Love
Which became Lotus flower
In the lake of Earth of my being.
Water and mist splashed on petals of lotus
Appeared as if dew drops on blades of grass
On petals they began to twinkle and shine
As little stars receiving and encaging Light within
All this sent in me wave of susurrus so symphonic
Looking at these waves and quivering in lotus petals
Same turbulence I felt within me
Similar waves made petals of my lotus trembling
Some strange sensations passed into my soul and mind
I felt myself swayed and swept into emotions so sensuous
I saw myself in turbulence too
Same as the Lotus in the water of the Lake
I was not at calm also!
Why so, I think but don't know !!!

Mohinderdeep  Grewal

Top of Form

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