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 “By making us stop for a moment, poetry gives us an opportunity to think about ourselves as human beings on this planet and what we mean to each other”
– Rita Dove

OUR POETRY ARCHIVE wishes all a happy New Year. Let us hope for a better and prosperous world for each and everyone this time, defying all the odds and evils.

Yes we also agree with poet Rita Dove, we can even extend this idea farther - believing that poetry can also make us better human beings. To become human we need to grow as humans developing our humanity. And poetry has that inherent power to build up that humanity in our conscience, so that we can grow up as a proper human being. So in this world of war and terror, violence and conspiracy, we, in our limited capacity of this on line monthly poetry journal decided last month to publish a special edition on POETRY FOR PEACE addressing the current world wide wave of terrorism and war. We thought that in these turbulent times, poets have a huge responsibility to raise their voices against this blood bath around the world. And we were glad to get the overwhelming response from the poets from all continents. We would like to extend our gratitude to all the contributors, supporters and co-workers who made the special edition a huge success. It has already been viewed by more than 2000 readers worldwide within the first five days of its launching.

Yet just as the history of mankind always has a darker side, we also experienced the other side of the story. Recently we had to face an espionage style activity of sabotaging the publication of the Special Edition. A rumor has been spread on the internet with a false allegation of plagiarism against Our Poetry Archive. This deplorable activity to defame Our Poetry Archive has been squarely countered by our poets and contributors around the world. In spite of this damaging rumor, poets from all over the world are showing their strong support and solidarity with this monthly poetry journal by contributing generously with their poetical creation for publication. We are extremely thankful to them and we would also like to extend our humble gratitude to our readers as the viewership of Our Poetry Archive is increasing by leaps and bounds. Our strength is our conscience. Our strength is our honesty and integrity to form a world forum of poetic excellence for those poets who never deny their social and human responsibilities and always try to use their talent to defend humanity. Our strength is those poets who publish their creative works in this forum and are proud to do it. Our strength is our readers, who are with us from the very beginning of our journey and who are joining in everyday. We are well aware of the perpetrators who have already shown their true colors and may try to strike again but we believe in the collective strength of human conscience and the moral characteristics of good people for a good cause.

So here we are with the 10th issue of the 1st volume of “Our Poetry Archive” January 2016. Like all our previous monthly editions this number also presents poems of thirty-six poets around the world. We feel proud to announce that our viewership is growing fast. And this puts more responsibility on our shoulders. So we would like to have your regular feedbacks to evaluate our endeavor in a constant manner. We remain ever grateful to our poet contributors for their constant support to make this journal resourceful.

And as usual we ask you all to keep on sending your poetical creations only to our mail address: <> with your confirmed permission to publish your poems along with your profile picture; on and before the 25th of every month.

Thank you all.
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Chryssa velissariou


I do not like clichés
But today they hurt me
The city of Light
All of a sudden became
a city of Darkness
People try to convince
as superstitious Beasts
Love, Compassion and Peace
had incentive
to be converted into utopias
Faith kills the Dream
and commits Suicide
Life seems survival
rather than beautiful
Earth seems an eternal
bloody Slaughterhouse
I cannot irrigate
my soul’s garden
when today
I face the world
as a boundless desert
and my sorrow looks like
a fancy dress à la mode
which has been worn by many


Drowned at sea
Dismembered ashore
Did you understand
The Evil you exactly are,
Human Being,
so you commit suicide?

No use ...

The hypocrites
found a hideout already
They will survive...
You leave Them behind

You just serve Them

In this poem I comment about the suicidal attacks in Paris ... I am so disappointed with human race. So many hunted people drowning in Aegean Sea, so many people killed ashore from terrorists just for bias and illusions and for the sake of arms dealers
This kind of cruelty and stupidity will always make me pessimist... and furious


It's Christmas Perhaps I should
say something for this festive season
but I look around
and I see what ? What to hope for?
C'mon, you, tell me
what do you think I will come out?
Worth to decorate it with lyrics?

Yes, I know, I know
My thought must be positive
I have family and I'm still young
my life remains healthy, I’ve got a job and a spouse
But in what I demand life to be
should my Ego weigh the most?

Listen to me! Count! I see:
Blood, hatred, coldness
wars, intolerance
and glamorous living
I see the stupid ones to kill themselves
for money
and children to die in the streets
like abandoned dogs

I see the marvelous psychosoma
and spirit to attract the attention
of almost nobody
I see poets feel pain
only because of their “great love”
although people go hungry
around them
It seems that their
only concern is
their own future death
and pleasure

I see on the one side the
bright "sinners"
and on the other, opposite to them, moralists
continuously and evilly
to shake their finger to
the "inferiors"
and make charity
only to those who reside in their henhouse

Oh, I see, I see
Numbness my ass
sitting down for so long
and looking around
and judging supposedly
lest I dare
to get my nose
outside sureness!
Perhaps my little neat life
could be troubled if I dare to do something
perhaps I would suffer too
perhaps I would be fucked up
perhaps the little
I gained for myself
would be in danger
So I pretend that
supposedly I could do nothing alone
and perhaps I should wait Jesus
to make one more miracle about all this...

Chryssa Velissariou





Memories are never ending
A time of hope and loss
We drop our hearts and souls within
These memories, these memories of yesterdays~

As my hand touched the handle;
I had the urge to pull away…
You crashed into my life~

The time of distinction came and went
To hear the sound of rapid breath, gently in my ear
I closed my eyes to the gentle touch, softly look toward your form.
Never truly knowing, what could have been~

To only get a clear picture, of a shaking voice, to know the love of you
To hear the loftiness of your voice, whispering in my ear~

“I have missed you so very long my lovely. Let me love your pain away.”

Those days of old will be no more I believe in you and me for so long~

It’s been forty-one years now
You loved me and took me so many times
Holding me in the time of forever
I felt your touch against my shoulder, your lips to my kiss
My tears to your soul~

The pleading starts, ‘please don’t leave.’
The reality of you gone was so very wrong~

Darkness of my soul comes, and tears of falling rain
The need to wrap my limbs around the touch of yours
You are the one that melts beneath me, in my mind’s eye~

My smile of yesterday are gone now and the pain of love not to last
Only a picture remains of our love, the memories of endless time
Coming awake to the summer, then winter, spring and fall~

Years and years of melted pain never really knowing
Then one day I find you with a life of your own
Just to touch your face with my fingertip~

A forbidden love that is now I guess.
Softly it will come to be,
I pray, the long lost love of yesterday~

Your rhythm is another for her to know
The year has come and gone that pain that I have felt
No more whispers in my ear, no more love torn words~

I will sit in this room, living in the past
No more heartbeat will I hear, only of pain that lasts
If I have regrets or feel inadequate. Or blindness for apology~

To regret that my smile of yesterday was not born today
To believe in second chances, to believe in you
Our love affair so many so new
To kiss the kiss of yesterday, to hold a hold of today~

My existence comes from you I say,
Below the colored lights did not pass the test~

Sweet songs come from loving you and you would sing it sweetly,
You gave me you and you asked for nothing.
How it must feel to light the world, as you walk safely~

My weeping never stops as I hold you in the darkness of the moon.
In my mind’s eye there you are the torn love that is worn again
Let me fall asleep in side of your touch, through all storms~

As I sit in silence:

“Always the smile will be of yesterday and tomorrow has come and gone.”


I take my dreams
My many nightmares
My triumphs
And I am defeated~~

To memorize my wonders of it all
Or my confusion as I fall
And always my greatest loves
Plus my tragic heartbreaks that make me want to die~~

I mix them all together
And I find my most wanting of all time
To love the most unloved
The unwanted or even the lost~~

To see the happiness or the sadness
Or the will of God
Do I really know?
To feel the loss of how I feel~~

Tears of my soul are gone
And the joys are here to stay
To see HIS face is all I ask
To let HIM know How lost I feel~~

So my tragedies are gone or here to stay
My loves are lost to me this day
My dearest Lord I give you all~~

My longest fears and worst dreams
My trembling heart so broken into
And let you know How lost I feel~~

We dream, we have nightmares. We laugh, we cry and sometimes we just want to die...because our problems seem too big to swallow. Life brings us sometimes lots of hope and sometimes no hope we think. But somehow we go on...we look to our God...and we shout with joy...and we cry tears of rain. But one day we will find ourselves in front of our Lord...and we will know then no more pain...this poem reflects my heart.


It wasn't so long ago
the day you gazed into my soul
walking in love among the stars
the love we possess that fills our stories
to the brim
yet somehow our tomorrows bloom from there
when our past and future struggle for control
where our arms of patience yearn for comfort
and kisses gently soften our flare~

When our eyes turned to the sky
we saw our life that others only dreamed
walking among the mountain of plains
stretching for victory till tears of sorrow took it away~

Then came the day when jealousy did part
would take his blade and tear our hearts
each night incites an empty shell to wait
for streams of dreams would sweetly start
memories of the long lost song~

Something of a chill filed the air
Turning our minds around
a pounding from the heart
which swallowed the sound~

The shadow glass was flying to and fro
memories moving like falling stars
the long lost song
could be no more~

Poetess Brooke Dylan
Deborah Brooks Langford
@ December 20, 2015