Friday, January 1, 2016




Some say i am the love
Some say my love is blind
While my love is not like the sky
Though it is not too wide
Though my love is blind
But it never fades away
It has no an eye to gaze
It has a strong sight
From now up to then
My love seems to be bright
For it has two eyes
Though it is not only mine
For those who are inside
The love you provide makes my hope in dream
No body knows who she is
How deep love i express towards
You might not catch what i should love
Since you are not a part of my blood
You said your love is true
But it has no strong foundation
The love i praise should be in memory
But is not a real
Though you urge :
Your love is not like a coconut tree
It is not like the sun shining all the windows of lives
For surely i am the love
Though it is as beautiful as a rose
That  never i pick it up as long as my breath in the air
For this world speaks about love
It never cries...
Once in a blue moon you are not in the love
I am hardly to throw my hope away
Since the love looks like the clock
To run away from my right hand
I use to search for the rose near by
Because the love is not in mine
It is merely said to leave for the new setting


No wonder if my dream
has been useless
since the lives
is meaningless

Because of cruelty
while terrorism
looks like bees
to damage
the lives

If their brain has no
function to gaze
the suffering
what are they

They are involved
to be criminal

The aim of doing
makes me

But the country
is a law

Surely my movement
is limited and
so as to be

Some body say
how stupid
they are

Amazing to see while
they are not
in our lives

The peace is the key not
to open the window
of crime

Mean while it is not
a message but
it is a fact

What is always happened
in the daily lives
because of

They behave like angels
from the radial claims
to seize the hope
and lives

No body cares at all
supposed it
belongs to
one's principle

To activate the bombing
as the source of

good bye


How can I express the love
You are a part of my blood
You are a part of my lives
You are the fuel of my heart

You never betray my love
I am the love
From the beginning up to the end
Never be inseparable from my dream

Really this world belongs to us
We are only both to run the lives
No place to run the love except
When you are saying as fellow poet

Never i miss you, never i miss you
Since now i know you up to then
Never i lost confident to say
I am the love

My love is like a red red rose
Let the flowers of the river heard
As long as the love is from heart to heart
I merely put the love on your hand

In my heart never fades away
Since now up to die
Let the flows of waterfall falling down
So as to be witnesses

As long as the banks of river smile
While the moon is bright and gives the love
Though the love is running to search for
That's the love of fellow poet be blooming

Since the poetic words urged so and so
Till the sea dried my dear
That never be forgotten up to the end
Because your face is in my lung to express

Siamir Marulafau

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