Friday, January 1, 2016



I AM...

I am,
a bird in a golden cage.
I am,
a prisoner of another age.
I am,
the princess in the highest tower
I am
In need of a fearless rescuer.
I am
loneliness in my heart.
I am
memories tearing me apart.
I am
the pain never meant to be.
I am
the tears flowing freely.
I am,
Despair and sorrow
I am,
Still waiting for my hero.
I am,
always the invisible one.
I am
All what's been said and done.
I am
Lost without you.
I am
The one who loved you.



Sister, shake up, the time for crying has passed,
To feel sorry for ourselves, today is not the day.
Today, we rise, questions have to be asked
Fists raised high in the air, we aren't here to play.

Follow me to rehabilitate our mother Eve the sublime
We reject the original sin, we won't take the blame
Didn't Adam take a bite too? they want to put the crime
On us, but these men of faith won't find us fair game.

From Kinshasa to Calcutta, Paris, Milan or Kiev
We'll do a different cat walk, no one to stop us,
We don't want much, just our rights and respect.
No more violence, I don't call this making a fuss.

We women are half of humanity and to the other
Half, we give birth. We are the whole of humankind
It is time to rise and to claim our rightful place Sister,
To be where we should be, at man's side, not behind.



Heaven and Hell,
Pray tell,
If I made some mistakes,
Everyone makes mistakes,
If I hurt someone,
Everyone hurts someone
Whether they like it or not,
Why should I be left to rot
In someone's invented Hell?
For whom tolls the bell?
Not for me,
Not for me,
No one is truly innocent
How ignorant
Of the universal laws
Who they think  have no flaws.
Why Heavens isn't for me
Pray tell me
The reasons are unclear.
I will accept my karma and pay my due
To every living soul, the mischiefs I drew.
But one thing is certain,
There is no gain
In being holier than thou
As we reap what we sow,
Better to strive walking in the light
And do what we think is right.
After all, whether we accept it or not
Death is certain but the ending is not.

Francine Samuel

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