Friday, January 1, 2016


Adel Hajjem


I can't explain it
Don't ask me about telepathy
It is something beyond reason
Maybe it is an emotion
But  it is more than passion
And far from being sympathy
It is when ,despite distance,
You feel that someone is
the most trustworthy
It is when I miss you
And because of that
I become unhealthy
It is a magic of souls
It is pure and it can't be filthy
It is me and you
When we are together
And we feel the most wealthy .


One day you will guess
life is meaningless ,
when you hide within the grass
and when you run
you will find no place
So,just stand up
and don't turn your face
'cos fate is surrounding us
I don't know
if my mind is a curse or a bless
sometimes I feel like a machine
that works on a stable pace
other moments
I feel in a game of chess
lost and I see nothing but blindness
my heart beats but I am not alive
I need you here to stand again and survive
I look everywhere , I see nothing but your eyes
I stretch my arms towards you to embrace
I catch nothing but vain
it is no more than a ghost
I know I am lost
I hold your pictures
I kiss them and smell your dress
I fall down , I am taken by madness
I look for meaning to my life
I defy my yearning to you and my weakness
I write millions of words about hope
but I know without you
my life is meaningless

It was a day
Or maybe a night
Words have gone ;nothing to say
It could be wrong or right
I don’t even remember: why was I there ?
How could I dare !!!!
All has now gone and nothing is to share
No hatred , no love !! No sadness or joy !!
How awful is to feel like a toy !!
Doomed to chaos I became
My soul is a flame
No one but myself to blame
Yes I fell , but I know it is no shame
One day everyone will know
Life is no more than a show
Break the rules and let the winds blow !!!
Don’t let fears inside grow !!
Who likes to harvest has to sow
Memories have gone
Already dead , no need to use a gun
Thrown like an empty can
Now , I have become NO One
I am back to the ground
Like one day I was found
Adel Hajjem

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