Friday, January 1, 2016


Dave Hill




Life just seems such a chore sometimes it’s all an uphill climb,
I could go into all the details but it would take way too much time,

It all seems just like yesterday and then I start to feel like I'm missing out,
But we all have our own plans our own dreams and that's what It's all about,

Sometimes I think I make myself feel all alone, even though I know all I have to do is call,
I cant bring myself to reach out and say ''hi'' I'm banging my head off a brick wall,

When I'm with myself I know that I can do no wrong and get into trouble,
But when I'm with these fake others all the drama just seems to be double,

I am 30 now and I thought that it would all by now be clear,
Surely the grass is greener on the other side and the good times are near,

I think that we all wear masks and were all lonely really and seeking affection,
The material things that we posses and strive for are just replacing affection,

Perhaps I'm just bitter at the world and I'm not seeing things right,
I would rather dance to sweet music than be confronted in a fight,

God tests us every day in our life with problems and confrontations,
I think that we should find peace that flows across the nations,

If you hold a door, carry some books or just say ''hello'' and smile,
You will make someone's day if only for a while,

I don't think that their are bad people just bad circumstances,
People not taking their shot or taking any chances,

The world seems to spin so fast for me it even starts to rattle,
NEVER judge anyone because we are all fighting our own battle...


Some people say that life's to short,
Its the longest that we've got,
I'm taking every chance now,
I'm taking every shot,
My ambition is my spear,
My courage is my shield,
If you want to walk my path,
These are tools you'll have to wield,
Stand beside me my apprentice,
NEVER be scared,
When you travel on my path,
You will always be prepared...

© Dave Hill 2015

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