Thursday, October 1, 2020



Hope In The Dark

The whole world locked in front of the screen
Stalking the movements of the alien, COVID-19.
Possessed with fright, anxiety, terror
No one moves
In the lifeless streets, the echo of emptiness rings.
And the outstretched line of saviours arrive in scout cars.
Between the streams of tears
Heroes emerge from the gloomy bosom of the world
Ripping the black curtain of mourn
In their hearts are the mortal prayers of the people.
Rays of hope, explode into the abyss
Opening the chained gates,
The drums of war rise above the silent predator.
Flowers of a late spring blooming as
Owners of the sky peck into the hearts of civilians
Discovering the radiant thread of Ariana,
Abandoning the daunting labyrinth
We take upon the shining path of life

A Light Dance.

The night oscillations shake the sun,
Forcing the stars to flash with every movement.
A dream washes away the celestial gaze,
And a fairy tale only shows half of it.
The moon's darkness invades shore,
Almost like a persistent passer-by.
As the days proceed on the calendar,
The spread of light conquers
And the night is fades.
Crossroads capture the sun's rising,
Over starry night, charring it
From a nefarious place of fire
Blazing the horse of wind, that feeds the flames.
Follow me, and sway with luminosity.
As if pictures, memories come to light,
And then load on the back of shady night.
Resting the memories as the mind floods,
And the pounding heartbeat
Raises the stars again, to shake the sun down.
The lost planet
The loneliness that surrounds you
Is soul trembling
The irregular routine
Stifle the joy of sleeping
The slowest of steps
Numb the troubled silence
A storm of affection
Ends over the far horizon.
The awakening of the new day
Cause the lingering words to age
Without handcuffs, chains, keys,
In the window of life
There are no lily chirps
In the vast heavens
By spaceship
We wait to discover

A Lost Planet.

We embarked on a journey
We both,
Towards newer paths
In the season of the heart
I follow your pace
You follow my pace
Like dancing following a rhythm
The spaces we discover
Unfound borders
From my shoulders, slip the troubles of the day
I’m in your sky
You’re in my sky
Like the stars of the galaxy
We are harshly released
We do not know fear
At each other’s farthest ends
I am your beginning and end
You are my beginning and end
Like the blind


NATASHA XHELILI: Born in Krahes of Tepelene. Finished studies for Albanian language and literacy in the University of Eqrem Cabej, in the city Gjirokaster. She wrote her first poem at the young age of 10, but her first anthology was published in the year 2000. She writes proses, poems and expresses her critical opinion on different matters, and a variety of publications from this time period. She has participated in a few literature anthologies. Natasha has poems published in Albanian, English, Italian, and Macedonian. Published Books : The Mountain sees a  dream. Poems The Curtain of evening. Stories Tears of fire. Poems. Lullabies Of The Moon. Stories For Children.

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