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Poetry is the supreme expression of the noblest human emotions: of love and friendship, of awareness of infinite value of life and courageous acceptance of its transitoriness, bitter losses and trilas.
Alexander Tvardovsky

With this March 2016 number of Our Poetry Archive, we are completing the first year of our journey over internet. When we started last year, although it was my brainchild, a few friends had extended their support to me; otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible for me to carry on like this every month. With the huge success of our Special Edition: “Poetry for Peace against Terrorism” last December, our monthly journal has consolidated its position on the internet.  And the readership since then has proved its popularity beyond doubt. During this last twelve months hundreds of poets have contributed their creative efforts in this monolithic poetry journal, making it a successful monthly forum of qualitative literary excellence. We are proud to make this web magazine truly international- the contents of the previous numbers prove this. Poets and writers around the entire world are regularly participating in this poetry journal, sharing their creativity. And we are proud of them.

Last year we had to face an attempt at sabotaging the publication of the Special Edition. A rumor was spread on the internet with a false allegation of plagiarism against Our Poetry Archive. This deplorable activity to defame Our Poetry Archive has been squarely countered by our poets and contributors around the world. In spite of this damaging rumor, poets from all over the world are showing their strong support and solidarity with this monthly poetry journal by contributing generously with their poetical creation for publication. We are extremely thankful to them and we would also like to extend our gratitude to our readers since the viewership of Our Poetry Archive is increasing by leaps and bounds. Our strength is our conscience. Our strength is our honesty and integrity to form a world forum of poetic excellence for those who never deny their social and human responsibilities and always try to use their talent to defend humanity. Our strength is those poets who publish their creative works in this forum and are proud to do it. Our strength is our readers, who are with us from the very beginning of our journey and who are joining in everyday. We are well aware of the perpetrators who have already shown their true colors and may try to strike again but we believe in the collective strength of human conscience and the moral characteristics of good people for a good cause.

We are building OUR POETRY ARCHIVE (0PA) to bring together like-minded individuals from all over the world, professionals from diverse horizons – writers, painters, scientists, teachers, thinkers. What unites us is our collective will to look at the world we live in, using the prism of critical thought and analysis but also of creativity. We firmly believe that we have both an individual and collective mission to make our society a better place; we have taken the pledge to do our best to achieve that goal. OUR POETRY ARCHIVE (0PA) promotes openness and transparency by giving individuals the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas through the prism of poetical creations and connect through creative undertakings – a set of principles guide OUR POETRY ARCHIVE (0PA) in pursuing these goals. Achieving these principles should be constrained only by limitations of law, technology, and evolving social norms. We therefore establish these principles as the foundation of the rights and responsibilities of those within the OUR POETRY ARCHIVE (0PA).

We would like to extend our gratitude to all those friends and poets alike that have extended their continuous support and enriched us with their willingness to make this journey possible. Last month we introduced twelve new poets to our readers. This month we are introducing ten more new poets. And for bringing all these new poets to Our Poetry Archive we would like to thank poetess Deborah Brooks Langford of USA. We are also thankful to poet and Editor Stacia Reynolds from USA, for co-authoring the February guest editorial with Deborah Brooks Langford. We are proud of our poet friend Caroline Nazareno for her poetical brilliance in literary field. Also we feel immense pride for the two beautiful ladies who are not only our friends but also two emerging great poets in the international literary arena, and had been felicitated in a literary festival recently held in Bari - poet Maria Miraglia of Italy and poet Anca Mihaela Bruma of Romania.

With this note we would like to thank all the poets, writers, friends and all our readers to make OUR POETRY ARCHIVE an internationally renowned poetry journal.

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Alicja KubERska

I wrote a few words and secured them permanently.
Reflections and emotions created the stanzas.
I uttered the final sentence,
and my poem moved like a zephyr,
Kissing my lips lightly as he left, gliding away to strangers.
He slipped into eyes, where tears are born.
He whispered tender words to hearts
and they faintly shivered.
He pricked dormant consciences,
made stale by daily routine. 
He consoled a sad lady, Melancholy.

At night he soared skywards
parting heavy curtains of clouds.
The stars glistened over illuminated moonlit paths for lovers
The tender song of a lone  nightingale
echoed around the dark abyss
and sank softly into swooning scents of flowers.

Sometimes my faithless lover returns
- beloved son of the muse, but child of mine no more

dreams come true in the Bahamas

let's go there
where the wind brushes the green hair of palm trees
the huge ocean murmurs sleepily
the golden sand remembers footprints
and the sun disappears in blue water in the evening

before the black butterfly appears
we have time to write a few lines  of a poem
and to share our  thoughts like a slice of bread

only there
we can entrust our secrets to the stars

I wait for the downpour of stars,
Maybe I have time to whisper a wish.
I look with hope to the Leonids.
I believe that I will see the falling sparks.
The dancing Pleiades stirred up a cloud of dust.
Jealous Orion will not overtake them
And Sirius will not find the seven nymphs.

Morpheus leads to the land of sleep
Somewhere on the edge of the River Styx.
My beloved knows the secrets of existence
And all the metamorphoses of the cosmos.
Every night he carries me in his arms
And gives to the possession of Apollo and the muses.
He plaits visions into prophetic premonitions.

Berenice sacrificed her golden braid to the heavens.
She explains sadly,
That she has not found happiness on Earth
Among the gods and among stars.




Have I ever told you
That my verses are self written?
They simply cannot stay away
From the sunshine of your complexion
So they keep crashing on paper…
…letters wrapped up in words.
I`m a victim of these poems
That are keeping me
Imprisoned in a lovable flavor
Like a child`s smile
And a woman`s passion
For… beauty and simplicity.
I love you in the secrecy of my flesh
Where you become
The most comfortable zone
I`ve ever landed on.
It`s like magic….
Do not be afraid
To love the hell out of me
`Cause, for sure,
I won`t be afraid
To love the hell out of you!
I`ve been knowing you for an eternity and… beyond…


Days aren`t enough
For the amount of love
Poured from the sky,
Bathing my body in emeralds
And red stars…
Color of passion.
Crowns of fire
Open the gates of unwounded souls…
Can`t you see the amount
Of love I have been preparing
For decades at camp fire
Under full moon,
On the road of the existence?
You beg for love
But you are running away from it.
You are eternally hiding under your shell.
You can`t break the stone

If you do not build a door…
So, build a door and unlock the cave
Of an eternal ‘’coeur’’!
Can`t you feel how much I love you?
Poetry hidden behind closed windows…
Do you want me to draw you the lock
And spell fire
So it can melt?
Do you want to feel the burning
Of king`s thrown?
I miss you day and night
Where days are too short
For this amount of desire
And nights are even shorter
Without the touch
Of your Empire.


I have dedicated my time
reading your letters
from ancient history,
exploring their wisdom.
I read you like a top list Guru
with all the magical sound
of the words and meaningful scent.
I drowned myself
in several perceptions
of who you are
and who you want to become.
And some…
are my letters,
my characters,
my figures…
Seems like you dressed up with me
and you haven’t even asked…
for my outfit to try,
for my favorite colors,
for my measures…
You are wearing me
in your stories
just like your thoughts
gather in your daily living,
just like your feelings
mingle in your tireless brush…
Who would have thought?
You are wearing me
at royal court
just like an outfit of glamour
…with a purpose…
And me… I`m all dressed up
in your foundation,
your shades,
your poetry of wisdom…
And always have been…
Each morning
I radiate your perfume
to my ear,
any outfit of my desire
has your size.
I believe I finally found
my favorite label:
your name spelled on my heart,
your texture stained to my skin,
your color glued to my textile…
I took permission
to wear you out:
the more I wear you
the more you become new
It`s like you knew…
You are recyclable to my passion,
to my own will
I can always make new item out of you
Will you be transparent or consistent?
Get transparent to my intimacy
and consistent to my dreams
Keep me fresh when I get exhausted
and keep me warm when I get chilly!
Wear me out too
like we`re an outfit of glamour!
Become one with me
and catwalk with me
in bright light,
glamorous stages,
crowded streets…
in eternity and beyond.
Will you wear me every day?
Recycle me with special technology?
Get sophisticated and yet simple?

Find my style that matches perfectly
with yours
with who we are… ourselves.
This morning, before leaving,
why haven`t you told me
that you are going to wear me?
I could have added extra perfume
to your charm…




for you Gheorghe..
My love
My heart
My soul
My future
I gave you
Because I am fool
Because I am goodness
Because I loved you
in every night
in every morning
in every day
in every season
I am an clown

I am a gold fish
I am a gold fish
you can be the lucky man
try to catch me
if you can

love is a pain
is a gain
is a sun,
a chain
a sear,
is wishful
and shy,
is spaceless
and selfless


like hot chocolate
burns my tongue
sweet pain

to my Turkish sweetheart
your brown eyes
warm memories
in my hard winter

What can I expect
and tearful divorce

to my Turkish sweetheart
You are
the light
what lie
on my bed,
you make me blind.

Every second
Every breath
Without you
Every second

Every breath

Without you
Empty hour

self portrait
.to my Turkish sweetheart
two to things I like
one is my world,
the other is my love

you stole
all is black and white
you stole
  the colors out of my life
to the hell with you

you were name,
you meant the most

what is love ?
hot chocolate
with whipped cream

My darling
The sky is black
The sunrise is crying
The moon is pale
The world is feverish
My darling,
I'm tired,
I didn't sleep

I am happy
Now I am walking in the cold town.
I hear the beautiful birds singing.
All sorrows and pains
You are my mind.
I am happy

You are my insomnia.
Charming stars
Friendly dark
Beautiful half moon
3 :am
I can't sleep.
I miss you.
Fear in my chest.
Fear in my heart.
Fear in my soul.
I can't sleep.
You are my insomnia.

our love
our love

like a flower
nice smelling
our hands
our love so wonderful
our love so beautiful

The sky is grey
The leaves are red, brown and golden.
The wind is wild and cold.
Autumn in the air
in the home
in garden
in the heart
in the soul
I am very happy

Now it's the summer,
everything is dry
Love me
Now it's the summer,
everything is dry
Please don't leave me
Now it's the summer,
everything is dry
Why I am alone

I miss you
I miss you
scares me
my hands hurt again
scares me
scares me

Early morning
I write
Nothing new
I can't deny
Bitter night
I write
Nothing new
I can't deny

Who I am?
shattered pane
dark the new moon
an empty nest
a broken violin
greatest teardrop
lasting scar
good question

I don't know..
I don't know why
My heart is beating
I don't know why
Why am I sad inside
I don't know why.
Life so empty and cold
I don't know why

without you

without you

unknown shadow
behind the mirror
terrible night

this time of summer every morning is mine
tiny hopes flew towards me
only my negative thoughts bleed out
sometimes, not me