Tuesday, March 1, 2016




I am flesh
I know no death
I flow like the soul stuff
From man to man
And world to world;

Put me in touch with
Another flesh
I grow a lot of moss
And bleed
When parted from that;

They had to use weapons
To cut me into two
And had to erect
Pillars of electrified wires
To stop me from coming together

But I am flesh;
I can turn into feelings
And flow like Chenab;

They spilled blood
And injected it without poison
I turned a carcass
And left to count the dead:

But, I am flesh;
Cast in hope;
I have the boon to grow up again;
Come together:
And forget the pain.


We were made for each other;
We were mad for each other;

There was method in this madness;\
A craze in this sadness;

Loving and living together
Was a fun;
Who could believe
Of a mistake, or a sin?

A matchstick has now
Turned a wildfire;
What is burning, Adam
In this Sinshire?

He gets up a tall tree
And looks around;
A forest of desire
Is all on fire;;

They are our children, Adam
No, quips Adam
We are their children;
We are born of desire
We are fire: fire: fire;


A million roofs,
Spreading across the earth,
Wrapped in darkness,
Looked weird like shadows

except a few lamps
here and there;
signaling life

God descended to pay
His obesiance in those quarters
Aflame with the light of love;

All else was a desolate scene;
A hush and an eerie movement
People invisible in the dark
Looked shadows overlapping one another

It was a scene, straight off a cremation ground
at nights
where spirits moved with aimless feet;
and owls howl to herald
ominous  fates.

How many people
And how great was the spread!
Yet, how little was the light
In this spreading darkness!

His world was submerged
In darkness;
hearts like fused bulbs
alienated with love
lacked the natural rhythm.

And, God, despaired,
went back to His Holy mansions;
finding the light of love
missing from human habitation.


The whole
was a strange paradox;
No more than a pack of holes;

This body
was a porous phantasia
A truth which lived more in its myths;

The mind too
was a flowing channel
packed with awesome potentialities;

Nothing in this whole was
a mere existence;
the caves led down to weird tunnels;

Once inside,
the breath had to struggle
with a million inlets
overgrowing the bare bones
to come out of this phantasmagoria;

Only the mirror
was easily deceived;
and the depthless eye of the multitude;

But, I that could not see myself,
was in no doubt
I was not a single whole
I was only a pack of holes
running deeper insides
sand vaster into the blue Unknown.


It is a promise;
to be together always;
and we shall always be;

i have seen these bodies
lose their borders
and flow into one another;

and i am witness to
the two minds acquiring a
uni-centric consciousness;

four eyes with one vision is
a chrisma, as fascinating and
beyond belief, as a celestial event;

deep within your bones
and mine, dwells a hope to lose
the coverings and turn one;

this world might be an illusion
but the greater illusion is for the world
to find us two; while we are one;

the wisdom that came to this world
missed its mark, and left us unaffected
to unread all that is written in scriptures

my Gita is written in your eyes,
and my Vedas in your innocent hymns;
i am a hermitage, in which dwells a Rishi, called Love.

Listen to the commands of love,
and let us turn immortal
while loving our mortality to the core;



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