Tuesday, March 1, 2016




The words crashed into my soul
You are pregnant.
Yet the doctor’s face spoke another truth
Due to health issues of my own
I could loose my child~

Yet ever strong,
you hung on and the bond grew even in the womb.
The day came for you to enter the world~

Again my heart burst with fear,
I watch the blip, beep, beep, beep
Then the line go flat
Not once, but six more times~

I cried, I prayed, I called to you
My life, my future, my world
Then suddenly you were real
In my arms, safe and sound~

My miracle, my precious baby boy
As I lay and stared at you, your hand within my hair,
The reality of what I'd done set in and worry became my constant friend~

I am alone, both Mom and Dad
It is you and I against the world.
Time went on and we found our grove.
Ever day was bold and new~

I did the best that I could do and still find my way through the world.
Stress of life hit us hard and things were not okay.
I lost my Mom, and then my Dad
To heavens waiting gates~

My life was off, set adrift, I knew I hurt you with my stress,
So I forgot my dreams to bring you some semblance of peace
I spent years away at night for school
Hoping for a better life and security~

Yet, as we know, life is never what you hope.
Now all my dreams for you
Are no longer in my hands.
For you are grown~

And it is time to head out on your own.
Where did the time go?
One minute you were young and now it's time for you to go.
Where once you walked upon my path,
You now walk on your own~

Time stands still for none,
I hope you heed my lessons,
And be the man that I can see
When I look upon your face~

Step out my son, don't roll your eyes even when I act like your mom,
For no matter how much time may pass you are still my baby boy.
So son before you go these words I leave with you~

I shall love you always
As big as the sun, bigger than the moon, and more than all the stars in the universe...and beyond~

Sandra Sass @ Feb. 6 2016


When you awake it is mine to take,that first breath savored as hearts elate.
The rhythm pounds as you sigh.
That first gentle kiss can make you cry.
Sweet and savory
As you rise~

To open you warm drowsy eyes.
Hands smooth and memorize
Her shape, his tone, forever locked
She realized the power she shares with him.
As he grows steely hard, yet soft and velvet skinned
He finds his pace
Linked as one~

As was intended
In the world of true love
A place of heat
A place of drive,
A world where lust and desire collide.
Slowly the world comes back again.
As paradise lists away~

Within each others arms
Is where they want to stay.
Breath slows and mingle sweetly
To a place where they feel complete.
This is where the world makes sense
And love forever thrives darling Valentine.
Heartbeats slow~
They snuggles close,
To listens to the beat of hearts that thrive.
As they drift,
Eyes drift close,
Lips meet
To steal one last kiss,
And taste the sweetness
Of their last waking breath~

Sandra Sass @ 2-13-2016


Heat rose to swirl around him
Yet his mind was a million miles away.
His thoughts on 'her'
How she looked~

How she moved.
Her sensuality
She could make him stand at attention with only a look
His thoughts drifted~

Her laughter brought out the sun to brighten his dark days.
He loved her little nuances,
Like how she bit her lip when she was thinking and those adorable furrows in her forehead when she frowned~

She had changed his life completely
In the first instant that he saw her.
He knew at that moment the course he was on would be altered for all time and she would forever walk it now by his side~

As the water caressed him
He could feel her hands wandering across his chest
Playing his body like an instrument only she could fine tune.
Her lips, moist and full from his kiss~

Her eyes dark and dreamy staring back and seeing only him
He knew none other would ever do for him.
It was her, only her.
She was now his life~

His hope
His dreams
His reason for living
Looking up he smiles softly as 'she' walks in~

@ 2-8-2016

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  1. BEAUTLFUL Girlfriend... Your poetry only gets better...Congratulations Girlfiend