Tuesday, March 1, 2016




She was once
A beautiful soul
With a gentle kind heart
Her intentions were sincere
Pure and a delight
Her heart knew
No wickedness
Nor deception
Nor malice
But as she grew up
Her enemies got bolder
Their envy
Their resentment
Their greed
Grew stronger
Of their hatred
They had stored inside
Years Brewing
Grew so much bigger
Until that day when
They could no longer hide
Their truth one day
And their darkness
And her innocence
  to collide
Their accusations
Their persecution
Grew harsher
over a legal will

Stripped them both
Shorter of their inheritance
Now they want her
To pay their nasty bill

All because
Their anger
Their pride
Turned into
Justifying greed

Their Hidden lies
So her angels made her
A pair of ruby red wings

And for every persecution
A heavenly feather
Sewn at the seams

She sometimes buckled
Damaged and bruised
Often bitterly tore
As her heart grew weary
Her Angels quietly worked
Through the nights
To help her restore

For every heartache
Every cruel act
Her wings became a
Deeper Crimson red

Shedding tears
Of their cruel deeds
She shields her heart
Which so often bled

With His precious love
She blessed her enemies
Forgave their envy and greed
Her love for them
Has always been there
Staying faithful to the creed

her ruby red feathered wings
Gave her heavenly strength
Yet they were not able to spare
From the cruel vengeance
Nor from being pierced
And injured with despair


She walked a tight rope
Between life and death
Watching the vultures
Devour her given wealth

She juggled
Her destiny
Living between Happy and sad
Shredding her hopes
On a sharp thin blade

The sun her hope
The stars her light
The moon her guide
The planets her sight

Fine line of
fantasy and reality
One foot forward
Two steps back

Toying with the devil
Tempting death row
Balancing her mind
Dodging their attack

night and day
Life or death
Take or give
Fool or smart
Should she live
To see another day
Or will she choose
To quietly depart

Truth or dare
dangled her destiny
Sharpened her game
Walking on the razor edge
Of harsh reality

Even if she does survive
She can never be the same
They fooled her trusting soul
They played a devious game

But give or take
Past or present
On the jaggered razor edge
The moon shone
to set her free
Closed her eyes
and she held her breath
As she succumbed
To her final dying pledge


Fool that you thought
it was over
Just when you thought
You had it under control
There she is again
doing that sexy thing

just sends shivers
makes you go wild
Knowing it's not
just a casual fling

As you keep shaking
Your head
Trying to get her
Off your mind

There she goes racing
Tyers squeezing round the bend
That hot blonde bomb
She's Running late again

You walk in the gym
Anticipating you will
See her work out
Fooling yourself
You could just be her friend

Blood pumping
Watching her
Moving and swaying
Her hot sexy behind

You know she ignites you
You held off for so long
Iron warming up again
knowing she's one of a kind

She's talented she's sweet
Forbidden candy
But when you two meet
Both souls connect
Magnificent cheeky smiles

You can't deny
Your heart's  beating fast
You would travel for her
Across a thousand miles

Oh yeah she knows
Just how to use it
Like a duck to water
Just doing her thing

She caught your eyes
Nodding with a sexy
Knowing wicked grin

Oh yeah baby
She knows
What you're thinking
She's in it for the thrill

Just biding her time
To make it all right
Throwing her bait
Then she'll let you
move in for the kill

fool if you thought
It was over
You know the game
Is back on
You know
You just love the challenge
You know
just want to take the claim

Those curved rounded breasts
Her confident walk
The way she makes you feel
When you casually talk

She strokes your ego
Just the right way
As you watch her walk
Leaves a grin on your face all day

Mmm if you could just taste
Those sweet cherry lips
How you've dreamt
Grinding her down
On her curved swaying hips

Don't be a fool
if you  think you
Got it covered and
Her all worked out

She's reeling you in
With her seductive lure
You've been warned now
You know it without a doubt!

Yes the game is on
You know what to do
Only thing is
Will either of you
finally see it through


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