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On The Eve Of Eid Night


They say that night

has some strange power ...

I look at the sky

stars ride

and I see a crescent

I thought he would fulfill my wishes three ..

let my darling come

all bad to pass

and may my mother be well ...

On the eve of Eid night ..

Blue and round rolls are taken out

on various pies

the courtyards will smell ..

Let the kadaifi smell for you

and baklava and let it be healthy

and merry Eid days of glory

On the eve of Eid night

usually a loved one dreams

Nena Meka sabah slaughter ..

Study the fatiha quietly,

for the soul of heavenly silence ..

And put it all in one RAM ..

Happy Eid people to you

With the first ray of sunshine with Sabah call to prayer,

Eid is coming, promised by the Qur’an.

On the wings of the call to prayer

may Eid bring us happiness every day

Put on a new suit

until the bell rings at the gate ..

Until the neighbor says sellam

here we are waiting for Eid

And when Eid is over

I have to do one more thing

go to your grandmother's grave ..

learn prayer

for a new job ...



I'll Always Be There, Baby


I will wait for you ..

Don't worry and be afraid about it

At one point in your life you are left

just to count the scars ...

I give myself and all my love to you ..

I have always wondered how I succeed so strongly

to hug someone who hasn't been here in a long time.

I don't allow myself to despair

You are my world

Which fits in a hug ..

I'm getting old slowly,

Death is coming soon ..

no matter what

you are always what my day starts with ..

And you, honey, when it's hard

And when you tighten the sadness in your heart

Mine I love you will be first

What will you think before you go to bed ..

I sometimes forget I'm alive,

so I get scared when I think about it.

But I love you in your sixties.

Wherever you live,

At all those weird addresses ..

Remember the value of all my songs ..



The Man Is Tired


One can be calmed and illuminated by the very assumption that there is someone, famous and pleasant, who follows and loves him, that someone, that person, it is possible and real as a neon shadow .... it hit me like birds hit autumn ... because I know that she wants and loves me as much as I love her .... Believe me, it's hard to write the most beautiful love Zoka loved.he loves .and loves his Senada loved every day..sighed and waited for her Zoran .. And that her beloved Zoka, Senada's both her beloved Zoka sends her kisses from the West and the East..and while Zoka lives so dead..he curses this gray life without her..When will she come and calm him down to make her touch come true..And today it all hurts them..the truth..she is lost there far away ,, who knows how to look into the human heart..they will feel those vibrations of the soul..they will feel that beauty that the human eye cannot see ... he will never be ashamed of such love ... not everyone sees and hears..not everyone feels that magic.A man as he learns to fly often falls..and in the end he did not learn to fly but learned how should fall ... he learned in life to hope..Because we know where we are while the sky is burning with colors..while we know the depth of feeling in the raindrops .. that flows down our cheeks and body ... and we love each other even stronger even bolder..and as long as you know that there is a hand waiting for our sleeping story to come to life and for reality to become dreams ,, my thoughts start..I love the woman in you who knows how to steal my dreams who can put a smile on my face. .Thank you for the wonderful awakening in the scent of Lilac..The pain when he breaks the most beautiful love he gives..for a moment he stops..the look falls down .. dreams get confused and disappear.because after all all the pain will stop ...



ZORAN RADOSAVLJEVIĆ was born in Trebinje on September 25, 1961. A child of a mixed marriage, from a Serb father and a Muslim mother. He wrote from an early age, he did not publish everything until recently. He was the editor of the newspaper Jedinstvo from Smed. publishes the first book "Footprints" which he dedicates to her. He publishes a collection of poems "Dreaming", and the novel "Stumbling about his own life" After some time he publishes a collection painting ", with the painter Nedjad Fazlinović. His last book is a poem dedicated to his great love Senada" Trebinje still smells like her ". with the poem "Trebinje still smells like her" ..

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