Wednesday, December 1, 2021





The Extended Vibgyor


I saw a rainbow in the Sky

The sight was soothing to the eyes

But I could see more than the Vigor

There were many shades of each color

I counted beyond the seven

It looked like a pathway to heaven

The sky looked like a palette of colors

Each color looked more beautiful than the other

And then I closed my eyes and saw countless shades

Just like a riot of colors on a white page

If you have the sight, you will see the colors seven

But if you have the insight, you will see much more

This World is the God's colorful garden

Only with your inner eyes you can see the extended Vigor


Live long In Good Deeds!


To live long, I devised a new way

I would rewind my clock every night and day

I thought I was fooling the time and felt very nice

I didn't realise that I was living in the fool's paradise

My calendar was confused, because the actual evening was my noon

And when the world marched into July I was still in June

I felt helpless, directionless and was in tears

Till a thought dawned upon me that you live in deeds and not years

From that day on I let my clock be

And started serving the mankind and helping the needy

I never had to rewind my clock again

There was peace in the heart and sanity in the brain

To overcome the complex fears of birth, death and after life

With simple good deeds you have to adorn your present life.


Caterpillar Or A Butterfly


Good deeds are not about building castles for the poor

Or taking them on a world tour

It is about making a difference where we can

To do that, you don't have to be a rich man

Just begin to share and care.

Be just, be fair

Don't ridicule a frail body

With words, try to heal a tormented soul

Do it for the sake of your own redemption

Instant recognition should not be your goal

These are small things in life that would take you to a level high

Or else you will be the caterpillar that never became a butterfly




HARINDER CHEEMA is a renowned international poetess and an award winning internationally published Indian author. Her published novel entitled 'The Temple Stop' is the recipient of 'The Best Book of the Year Award 2020' by Aghaaz, Author In You. She is the co- author of 20 poetry anthologies. Her short stories, poems and articles have been published in the Coffee Table Books and various international magazines. She is also the proud recipient of many prestigious awards and honors.


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