Wednesday, December 1, 2021





What Is The Benefit Of Wishing?


I ask her:

What is the benefit of wishing?

If the words have no meaning!


We promised

But she was never faithful to promises we took with longing and poise


She never asked about my sorrows,

Neither about my humiliation…


She never cared about my soul or my wounds,

Never cared about my suffering…


My Faithful heart never forgets her,

And the pain in my soul never forgets me…


I feel, breaking the word after a promise,

Is like being cut by a sword

Or getting your teeth pulled out…



Sparkling Lights


I have loved her,

Since I was a child

Sparkling lights, the most beautiful…


When passion acts crazy,

My tears overflow

So how if my imagination manifest!!!


More beautiful than a Jasmine flower,

Fills the garden of longing with its fragrance…

She manifested!!!

To appear as a bright full moon,

To outshine our moon when it came out…



I Do Not Know


The heart reverberates

What are the reasons???

I do not know…


If a shadow passes by me

I imagine my heart is going in turmoil!!!


Tell me,


How would you come to me???

Without me asking or requesting!!!


Before you answer

Listen to me,

You relish my captivity…

And you restrict my patience…

But the heart has no more patience…

Slow down, Oh firing heart

There are no more secrets in a secret…


This is Love when it comes

Unlocks the heart from a ban




TAGHRID BOU MERHI: Lebanese poetess living in Brazil.  Writer and translator; Arabic teacher for non-native speakers. She holds a law degree. She is editor of the electronic newspaper Al-Arabi Today (Lebanon Branch). Responsible for the translation department at Agareed Literary Magazine and also responsible for translating into Portuguese and Italian for the “Translators Without Borders” team. Development Coach at Sawa Association for Development; Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Women’s Association for Culture, Literature and the Arts in Brazil. In addition to the Arabic language،i speak Portuguese, Italian, English, French and Spanish. She holds honorary degrees from international associations in Italy and Spain and from several literary forums.


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