Wednesday, December 1, 2021





Chasing The Wind


I rode the gale of ocean

Chasing dreams and passion.


I flew high among the stars

Trying to be what they are.


I looked at the sun's glory

Trying to create a similar story.


Alas! where ocean and sky blend

It goes on without end

And the sun only rises to descend.


A Little More


A little more

than we've matched

blood for blood

bullet for bullet

fire for fire...


if only we strive to match

kindness for kindness

trust for trust

love for love....


here on earth

heaven will be.


Barrel Of A Pen


life's pilgrims

thirsty of knowledge

look in the brook of a book

where wisdom flows

from the barrel of a pen.




FRANCIS OTOLE is a Nigerian born poet and academician. A member of the Association of Nigerian authors (ANA) and many other literary groups. He is an award-winning poet from the local and international scenes. Has been featured in magazines, journals, and anthologies; locally and internationally. He is a graduate of the prestigious Benue State University and a student of life. His hobby is reading and writing. He is married with two children


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