Wednesday, December 1, 2021





To Matisse, With Envy...


Your canvas,

your nude body on the yellow sofa

makes the walls grow stripes

long green ribbons of exhaustion

green is my feeling too

like your scarf on your lascivious hips

hips that are free of any brackets

as free are your breasts at this hour

to spread maternal instincts to the sheets

my envy covers all your nudes, Matisse

heavy the afternoon smears our room walls with its red bourgeois light

green, the envy runs freely arching in intricate serpentines


A Recipe For Fall


The tricks of light on autumn skies

Muted skies

are harassed only by the crisp sound of devotion

The foam raised from the warm still earth having the consistency of sour milk invades the steep mornings

Penetrates soul and bone

Contorted, the joints are giving up

The subtle fog inlaid with gold hues provides

The fall with remorse

Piled high

The scarlet leaves change the architectural construct

The rulers' job is dripping hope in our veins with their triumphant speeches

The cinch to do

When rot is biting at the city's core stich


No, No Longer A God!


I am a cloud, he said

Lavishingly spreading his glee on my windows

No, you are not

I frown and mumble in my chin

You, sir, are a figment of my imagination

Be true to yourself, dear

Your jealousy might change my mood

From fluffy, feathery white I might turn to dark stormy, lighting spitting in a blink of an eye

If I say I am a cloud, then, goddammit

I am

I have all the features

The grace, the plump form, the easiness to glide on the open blue sky

I can smile as easily I can thunder my curses through my lashes

I definitely spy on you every chance I get

No, no longer I am a god

From now on

you all will treat me as a passing cloud

A midsummer innocent cloud

A light prayer to a merciful sky


Thank you for the opportunity you have created!

Best regards,





IULIA GHERGHEI, Romanian poet of English expression, graduated from University of Bucharest as information technology expert, has published her first poetry collection in 2012 at Prisoners of Cinema Paradiso was edited by Brian Wrixon. She mainly publishes her poems on Facebook. She was also published in many e-zines or poetry sites like Destiny Poets, where she received the honour to be chosen Poet of the year in 2012. In 2015 she won the poetry contest of the Blackwater Poetry group on Facebook. She was part of many anthologies, one of them being The Significant Anthology, anthology edited by Koshy A. V and Reena Prasad. In 2020 some of her poems were translated in Turkish by Baki Yiğit in several Turkish literary magazines. Also starting this year she has her own author page on site.


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