Wednesday, December 1, 2021





The Feeling Of Love


The feeling of love

It is the strongest feeling of all.

Love means affection, interest,

warm hugs, caresses, kisses.

Love is a real treasure.

Give love!

Save the world from loneliness!


Translated by Louis Xatzi



My Complaint


Ι want to fly beyond the sky,

beyond the horizon!

I want to fly like an eagle, like a bird,

like the wind to save my soul from isolation!!

I can't stand it anymore!

I want to live on a tree-house

in the mountains beside

a spring where the birds of the sky come and drink!!

I want to breath freely again, to find myself and to smile again!

Do l ask a lot?

Someone, please, let me know!


Translated by Louis Xatzi



You Are Heaven


You are heaven,

bright light of my soul,

an angel.

An adorable love,

heaven and earth together.






VASILIKI KARATASIOU: Vasiliki Karastasiou is a professor of Greek Literature and an inspired poetess too. She is also the general secretary of E.LO.SY.L and she lives in the town of Larissa. She has published several books of poetry, three of them are translated in French. She has been awarded with a gold and a silver medal by the International Academy of Letters and Arts of Lutece. She has also won several prizes in many other competitions of poetry in Greece and in other foreign countries. She loves poetry very much and she helps many other writers to publish their books.


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