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Beautiful, Touching And Wintry


The Queen of Winter announces her arrival,

A heavy white blanket of snow was keeping

The cold earth warm

Protecting it from the dreadful Jack Frost’s coldness.

The trees are hibernating together with a tired

Ursa Major.

Only the fir trees are welcoming her

Sweetening the woods with their perfume.

The mountains are frosted meringue cakes

With whipped cream.

A few lost birds are skating on the icy lake

Performing „The Nutcracker”.

The animals cheer and shout, „Encore! Encore!”

The people are waiting for Christmas,

Everyone greets baby Jesus

And the angels are singing lullabies to Him.

The snow shimmers in the light of the celestial bodies,

A few icicles are hanging by the eaves.

We end the day standing near the fireplace,

Sipping some hot chocolate,

Eating a piece of apple pie

With cinnamon

And listening to Grandpa’s stories.

The Snow Queen looks at everything from above

And say:

„Beautiful, touching and wintry.”

Copyright Georgiana L. Gheorghe

All Rights Reserved.


Winter Flowers


Are watzing in the cool morning breeze,

Inviting us to dance on the frozen stage.

Are sparkling in the light of the sun

Adding spots of color on the white canvas.


Are light as a feather of an angel’s wings,

Are the crystal tears running down

The cheecks of the Virgin who is happy

About the birth of the Holy Child.


Are delicately embroidered on the glittering dress

Of the Snow Queen who is as gentle as a lamb

Despite the rumours that she has a cold heart

And that her kiss can freeze anyone.


We see them once a year,

But we are too busy

To notice their beauty

And absolute perfection.

Copyright Georgiana L. Gheorghe

All Rights Reserved.

September 19th, 2021.


The Carolers


Dressed in winter national costumes

Or in clerical clothing

Children and teens are walking on white roads,

Their footsteps on the snow

Measuring how long they travelled.

With high or low voices,

The tinkle of bells,

With sorcova and apple blossoms,

They spread the news of the Birth of Jesus Christ.

As a way to thank them,

People give them juicy apples, colaci and walnuts.

Open the door, good Christian!

The carolers are coming!

Copyright Georgiana L. Gheorghe

All Rights Reserved.



GEORGIANA L. GHEORGHE: Born in a country with a wonderful history, customs, traditions and culture, she’s a sensitive soul whom considers writing as a way to express her untold feelings and opinions. She’s a translator, but creative writing is one of the many hobbies she has. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in the English Language and Literature – French Language and Literature – Philology at “Spiru Haret” University in Bucharest, Faculty of Letters – Bucharest (Romania) and a Master’s Degree in Translation and Interpretation at “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galaţi (Romania). She competed in various national and international literary championships. She won many awards too. She is a translator that translated various literary texts for authors in anthologies. She published poetry in various national and international literary magazines and anthologies. She launched her first bilingual poetry book “What is life?” on September 2019 and “The Chest of Life”, the second edition of the mentioned book in 2021. Other than creative writing, she likes to listen to music mostly classical, instrumental and soundtracks, travel and navigate on the Internet.

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