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Does Nature Disperse Hope Everywhere?


I ascend and descend blossom scented Grecian hills

at mid noon. Scorching heat hazes the horizon

the scented landscape like a prayer. I hear, the past

music from ancient Greece, alternating with Byzantine hymns

Vangelis’ “Chariots of fire”, mixing with Indian sitar

and Pakistani love songs, while leading African music

decodes music of centuries, I listen to life too


A driver of a water lorry I am, heavenly rain I carry

should I wait until late, late afternoon to water

the plantations of hope? Labor renews the soul

I do not rely on modern irrigation techniques.

I do not rely on tap water, or on polluted water wells

my love for water was born out of clear mountain springs.

I, the gatherer of pure sound and water, on ancient

hills and mountains, collect courage and faith like miracles

from organically grown petals to feed the soul of life

with patience, affection, compassion and good will.

My plains, valleys, hills, mountains, grow determination

never despair, they become active, interactive

aware, become present to present future growth of love.

Sense its aroma my friends, the Earth eternally reciprocates

remember, remember nature fully understands human nature

© Roula Pollard

All rights reserved



Alchemy Of Words

Sharing With You


You and I are the honey makers

where is the honeycomb?

Visiting love from flower to flower

to collect you, fly me forever

through the colors of life to love

on the meadows, plains, valleys

of my heart

then lie down by the river of love.

Traveler of this ancient boat

I, a woman captain on river water

will quench you, like a desert wanderer

with cold water. Lover from this

from another land, other continent

when you dream of me, I dream of you.

And like a migratory bird risking its life

I fill the mind of my body with love

flying through storms and calmness

this is my world. Fly me to serenity now.

You have a piece of paradise in your heart

share it, share your paradise with me.

Don’t follow me like a gypsy

your body

your voice, your half meal of love. Make peace.

Do we only share a few fragments of antiquity

between our bodies, our countries, destinies

oceans, continents? One heart is all, all

we have, my love, is you and me.

A spring leaf, a chestnut tree

this is all, all we have

we all, all we share

on this planet

you and me

© Roula Pollard

All rights reserved



The Sea Is My Passion


It is Tuesday, perhaps next year

yesterday, today, tomorrow

and the church bells with passion

ring a song affectionately for you

The sea

is my flower

our love mixer (to use another word)

I hold her as I hold

your hand, tenderly

like holding your breath

your smile, your return, your being

you, I am like her of multi colored bleu

I am her, uncontaminated, untouchable sea

do not touch, do not dare pollute her again

you promise me, you love her unconditionally,

you love her unpretentiously like you love me

she, an unprotected child of the emptiness of words

a stray orphan is the sea, like a lost refugee child orphan

her refugee mother always tucking empty plastic bags

under her bra, near her heart, is there, and what emptiness

mother, your sons may come back from war, may not

wounded soldiers from the desert of the world

no longer harm the sea

as they used to

she is a child

my child

of mine


©Roula Pollard

All rights reserved




ROULA POLLARD, Greek poet, writer, essayist, playwright, translator, literary promoter, social and environmental activist has published three Poetry collections in Greek, and “Century of Love” in English, translated into Telugu by Dr. Lanka Siva Rama Prasad. Roula has helped to promote 165 poets, writers, artists, painters, dancers and students and she is included in 150 international Poetry anthologies. Roula is published in International literary magazines in India, Iran, England, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Albania, Mexico, and Chile and she has received a number of prestigious international Poetry awards. Roula studied History and Archaeology at Leeds University where she obtained an MA in Classics. Her work has been translated into ten languages and she has participated in many international poetry festivals. She is a Member of the Board of Directors of Atunis-Galaktika and Athena, and also Administrator for Indo-Greek Pictorial Poetry Forum, and Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry. Also, an International ambassador for Peace for the World Institute for Peace. She is also the CEO and administrator for the historic Arts group “ Sharing Friends of the Art’s Hollywood International”, founded by senator Pasqual Bettio, the famous American artist. Her poetry advocates peace, the environment and a new Humanism

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