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"Poetry is the blossom and the fragrance of all human knowledge, human thoughts, human passions, emotions, language." (Coleridge).

According to Webster's Dictionary, poetry is defined as "writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rhythm."

Poetry is the literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. Imagination is the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful and can be active without worries, such as fearing something, for every word has its own meaning, detached from the actual word it’s described by. Poetry achieves different level of understandings by allowing us to really experience life through the emotions and experiences of others as poetry is a blend of imagination and truth; it is a diverse form of communication and there are vast arrays of elements that make up this very unique and specialized form of writing. Poetry is the art of apprehending and interpreting ideas by the faculty of imagination; the art of idealizing in thought and in expression.

There are many contradicting views about poetry and no one can agree on the essence of poetry. Some poets think that poetry is all about the rules and the rhythm that must be followed.  While other poets suggest that the poetry is the expression of emotions and rules do not matter. The perfect mix to define poetry is somewhere in between. True poetry must express feeling and create an imaginary world in the readers mind along with creating perfect melody, unlike fiction it is solely based on the author’s personal take on a certain subject. The tone, diction, syntax, and mood of a poem are all determined by the author of the poem.

So poetry is a compact language that expresses complex feelings. To understand the multiple meanings of a poem, readers must examine its words and phrasing from the perspectives of rhythm, sound, images, obvious meaning, and implied meaning. Readers then need to organize responses to the verse into a logical, point-by-point explanation. For some readers, to interpret a poem or explain the plot can be a difficult task. A reader may need to research where the author is from and what year the poem was written in, in order to get the full effect of the poem and the underlying meanings in it and before reaching a conclusion about the meaning of a poem, readers should summarize their personal responses. Are they emotionally moved or touched by the poem? Are they entertained or repulsed, terrified or stirred to agree? How has the poet made an impression? Do words and phrases stick in their memory? Yes, this is the most important aspect of poetry, to make an impact in reader’s mind, to reside into the reader’s soul.

So therefore, the sole object of our monthly online poetry journal “Our Poetry Archive”; is to build up a poetical network between the poets and the readers around the world. So like all the previous editions, also this October we have archived thirty six beautiful poems written by the poets from various continents with different cultural backgrounds and literary heritages. We are glad to inform you all, that the viewership of our journal is rapidly growing day by day. You can have a look through the Google Stats of the viewership of Our Poetry Archive. We would like to invite you all to join your hands with us to make this journal a running success. You can send us your valued feedbacks and your poetical works to our email address: ( on and before the 25th of every month, as we publish every new edition on the very 1st day of every month.

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Maribella Genova

Indulge in the feast of perpetual space;
Obese with nomadic vibrations illuminating
sacred intentions of the soul.

Deaf to pain’s screams;
blind to suffering’s motivation.

Sing to harmonies of freedom
echoing resistance to delusive chaos.
Ravaging fury, satiated only
by our undeniable desire to be united.
Shifting once again to life,
before rendering to eternal death.

* Maribella Genova



The scent of the sea travels with me since birth,
countless places I’ve discovered,
people I yearned to meet in time, I did meet
but when I touch you,
a voice like the existence of all beings
awakens from the earth, like
a house opening its destiny to the sun
nearing hope and love
between sound and silence,
I am there.
But when silence cries into a lonely heart,
when hunger and destruction afflicts the world,
when love is absent … I know the place,
I discover what hurts,
I understand the cause of pain
When luck, dressed with sadness, changes direction,
when a voiceless expectation leaves a person
lying on life’s beach exhausted, like a swollen whale…
I am there with you.
So, stay with me tonight, like an unfinished story,
touch me again like a galloping horse,
cover me with morning dew,
draw with your lips a rainbow on my heart.
Brighten my shadowy valleys with your sunlight.
My sleep awaken with your rays.
Travel my body through your continent of love,
by the intense flame of your eyes.
Narrate the journey of passion to my soul!
Touch me, till darkness exhausts itself.
Chronicle the story of our existence,
the reason for our genesis,
heart’s sensitivity explain,
to narrate to our descendants
events escaping their awareness.
Love re-grows its plains and valleys,
mountains, springs and waterfalls of body and mind,
the cosmic entrance of understanding opens,
love opens 
to understand how
as sunrise gives birth to blueness
the Aegean Sea gives me back my human face.
© Roula Pollard


Iulia gherghei

I can't play with the words this way...
I sneeze like crazy
when the lie is jumping in the pool
a long, long swim crossing
the gap in between
Allergic I found myself to your devious plans

What should I do?
My cheeks are red
My shame makes me blink
What gravity will extract me from
the vortex you throw me in?

Maybe a black hole to implode for dinner
to see your yellowed teeth flying across the table
A laughter to fill up my ears
I've recently noticed how flat my laughter sounds
I will practice this sport more often- resolution for a new life

What should I do?
My cheeks are red
My shame makes me blink
What gravity will extract me from
the vortex you throw me in?

Maybe a clash between my star and your sun will give birth
to an ice cream tornado...
An ice cream shower, a chocolate bath .... seems like we are one step away
from reconciliation...

Iulia Gherghei


Anna Zapalska

She touches the pane with her face
Looking for someone
Somewhere beyond time,...
But only frozen flowers flow...
She still touches the pane with her face,
But nothingness there...
Inside her - Hamletian pine tree,
Bloody raindrops drip down her tile of life
Step by step she vanishes into darkness,
Her name is Night...

Anna Zapalska


Anca M. Bruma
You could see how
shards of multicolored luminescence
paved paths down Her arms...

Her Moon dust breath
rushed me in the Past...
in a blissful detachment...

I Unsubscribe from my own Mind!...

And take a bite of my Life...

I dream in Infinite Parallels...

You call me gray,
I call you shallow and blind....

Widen your eyes
and nurture your Depths!

Allow my neon hues
to warm up your Soul
and radiate Life
into your shutdown veins.

For Tomorrow
you shall wake anew
and forget
what once, seemed so luminous...

I taste the stir of conversation
across my skin...

and the Silence settled there...
the ocean whispers
in its moist seduction,
reminding me
of all the violet stolen Moments...

and the Sun decides to build
an alter of rainbows on my skin!

LET ME!...
Let me
stir clouds into your eardrums...

Let me
breathe life into your caverns...

Let me
sing an impromptu elegy
for the forgotten worlds...

and then,
the angels,
will paint rainbows
with their psychedelic raindrops!...

Shake those deep and hypnotic
dreams from your hair!...
Let the purple undertones
become your rain!...

Let ideas color your eyes!
Let the purple mountains
find your Destiny
beyond your sunsets and sunrises!...

Let the breath ink
your Life in an Eternity portrait
where your Heart
relapsed in Time!...

You contemplate
as Night and Day,
Life and Death,
linger over your face...

you hear how broken promises
roll over your lips...

and you just know
that everlasting forgiveness
can be found on the forsaken land.....

And Time whistles aeons of forgotten Lives!..

Anca M. Bruma


Dori foster

Such desperation
in the air tonight
remembering the
tender passion
in her eyes that
were locked with
my own
Foolish I was
to throw it all away
now I linger in
the past with
nothing to see
her smile is all
I can think about
The torment
and utter futility
rains down upon me
so with a resigned mood
I will carry on
in this tormented state
and wait for time
to kiss my mistake

Dori Foster



this avenue leads to a sad horizon
the dead trail leads to nowhere
feeling bleeds behind solid masonry
gray cement almost bursting at the seams

here and there still blow petals around
platinum pages hide their secrets
my heart cries for living memories
which are an anchor in my summer sun

farewell hangs like thunder clouds in August
words have fear for  loneliness in the void
never before the forests were so dark
I miss your clarity in my thinking

© Bianca 


Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

the silence surrounding her
deafens her aching soul
as she ponders on some distant thoughts
that continue to haunt her down,
a faraway look can be traced down from her mystic eyes
the look of a yearning heart
dying to escape from this wilderness she’s in,
 she looked upon the stunning stars from the heavens
as she lamented if she could just fly there to a castle up above the sky.

Every morning, when there’s a thick haze outside
Her mind wanders to a sanctuary
Only in her dreams she can see,
As she dreams on, tears come rolling down her eyes
Like dew drops falling in an autumn day,
The mind can’t conceive sometimes
 What the heart is secretly screaming out loud inside.

As she traverses hidden valleys and crossed
The high seas in every nightmare she weaves,
She dare not step in to a forbidden place in her past
A voice somewhere warns her not to go through that tunnel once more,
And continue to move forward towards the light at the end
And so she walks on with bare feet touching the warm ground
With robins and seagulls following her trail
While singing her a joyful melody together with the
Rhythmic sound of the splashing waves.

Alas! She finally arrived at her final destination
As a blinding light came flashing in,
Towards her countenance
Illuminating her whole being,
Giving her a calming grace
Touching her inner core
Soothing her aching soul.

“I have seen the light!” she uttered in deep amazement
And that was just the start of a wondrous life
She created again for herself
To be a living example of one who
Faced her own ghosts of yesterday,
Of one who have overcome
The dark moments triumphantly.

Copyright July 2, 2014
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo