Thursday, October 1, 2015


Godson osarenren

The thought alone of getting married is lovely
Happy ever after the songs, the wishes, the moon, the moon!
Feelings; how deep?
Funny how love can be
Even death so strong cannot kill it
The glory in it, no pen can write it
And the problems; who can solve it?
Only understanding and patience can resolve it.
See, this two love birds singing sweet love songs together
Hmm! Can wishes last forever?
Show me a happy home
And I will show you a blind and a deaf two
Who see no evil even when they see
Who hear no evil even when they hear.
Friendly friends becoming so unfriendly
The slash between them is sharp and dividing
Who can mend a broken calabash?
Choose carefully, love is not blind!
Don't rush foolishly love will find you!
I know it is rather impossible to tell which lizard has a troubled stomach,
As each of them hide in their smiles as they lie.
Time alone will tell and that time is in the years to come
A sentence without parole.

Godson Osarenren

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