Thursday, October 1, 2015



Smoking weed is an old refrain
Something to do to ease the pain
To enjoy a full day of rain, rain
And flush all troubles down the drain
Smoking weed is my cup of tea
Herbal sometime green it could be
Being in a rush that’s not for me
I’d rather relax as you see
Smoking weed indeed is not bad
Half the global village is mad
The ink of the news has too much lead
And sometime the picture is sad
Smoking weed that’s what I enjoy
Laughing like Santa Claus hoi, hoi
Now tell me please why you deploy
A nuclear missile hoi, hoi, hoi
Smoking weed up in the tower
I wait for the higher power
Clouds gathering there’ll be a shower
Lotus plants are meant to flower
Giuseppe. Albero

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