Thursday, October 1, 2015



One life is not enough to learn how to live
A towering man, high
Darkening the day, crooked
Moor-brown in the mirror on this calm side of the river
Tearing holes into the flow that cannot be stuffed any longer
Not with love
Without forgiveness
Too much feelings
Mauled by ideals, invisible
Mental, infectious bacteria focus
The chain of inner events
In which an effect never causes an effect
Key signatures of a lost cause, dark
A stolen power from heaven
Is every death a doom
On the sandbank
Upward shimmering
To girlish, chubby cheeks of white clouds
Actually, we could perform pure magic
Stumbled, fallen into each other at the boundary stones
Of our coincidental existences
Could accomplish all
But a lifetime is not enough to pay off all debts
So, why eradicate
What dies of itself the sooner or later?

Copyright by JWB

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