Thursday, October 1, 2015


Ceri Naz
if only i can sing you this song

i know it won't  be easy
to be what you want to see
in a moment of make believe
your face my dreamland
your heart my petrichor’s symphony
on this piano
of my life

i see you in joys and sorrows
canoeing through the waterbeds of infinity
when the lights start to flicker
like the hands of time
of free will’s fireflies
in your eyes
like love

i think of the big bang growth
in the cells of defining  evolution
i hear the medley of adagios
in  the calming chords
of your kisses
where crossroads of the chilling nights
resembling the shadows of multiplied warmth

you are the music
the song that my ears fonder to listen
sounding like the prime harmonicas
dwelling in orchid-butterflies
undrain reminisces and essentials
where keys of  the non-collapsible you
always in me

© Ceri Naz 2013

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