Thursday, October 1, 2015



I see the trees and shrubs
changing colours of their leaves
from green to yellow, pink and crimson
sometimes like brownish white earth
and falling down
covering earth with their flowery hue
flying hither and thither with whiff of winds.
With change of behaviour of winds
they rain down like drop drop
and scatter on grasses and grounds.
kids ask why the fall falls
When they see maples and other trees
Gradually changing colour
giving rise to shades of different picturesque.
Soon the chill of the changing weather
will change green clothing of the trees
To dull white and sad facing grey.
snow will ride on them to bend down
the sheds of their rooted heads.
chill will threaten the growth and life
with their frosty biting teeth.
But I welcome the Fall even
knowing that every change
is like change of our changing life
as we will see kids making snow men
sledges will be rolling down from snow sloped hills
there must be cheering for the Winter games.
All would wait to see Christmas trees coming
Santa must come with gifts for our little children
for that we must pray for all rich and the poor.
The Change tells us that if their was knock of the Fall
There will come knock of Spring too
when new leaves will come out with warm wind
they must come out of saddened face to thrill.
The warm wind must comes dancing with the beet
green baby leaves must peep out to flower from the buds
trees beaten by chilly winds
must change from hard beaten brown
to smiles of the welcome to warmth of His Love.
That will be seen on every petal of flowers
and on the face of every living creature.
The artist of Nature must scribble new flowing colours of life.
songs of different coloured sparrows and other birds must welcome.
I love the change
i love the turn of the wheel!!

Mohinderdeep Grewal

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