Wednesday, August 1, 2018




A word is magical, a word is musical
A word is a whole world!
When sweet, you dance at its beat
When sensitive, like a harp
You respond to its tiniest tap

When cold and indifferent
Like a sword, it stabs without being heard
When encouraging, it fills you up to open horizons

A single word lifts you up, demolishes
Immolates, destroys, reconstructs
Tears up, mends, crumbles, cheers up
Pushes, pulls back!

It shakes, it takes years away!
It praises, it scolds, it takes with no pay!
A word is a tribute, it’s a melody, and it’s a dispute!
When unwise, a word can unveil your disguise
But a sweet word never wears out the tongue


I have been waiting for two long days
Under the scorching sun
No single sign in the horizon
No breeze, no waving, no cuddling
All was terribly still
And the deafening silence made me ill !

I missed your comb waving my hair
And your magic powder wrinkling my face
I missed your hand dressing me in lace
Every now and then!
I missed your whisper and your anger
For the desert and stillness don't go hand in hand!

Call your Sirroco, your Levanter and your Simum
Wrap me with that golden veil
Dress me, undress me, flatten me, and disfigure me!
Plough me, sieve me, shake me and shape me !
Make of me those roses of sand!
Each holding a special brand

Dance on the top of my dunes
Bring your instruments and play your tunes!
I am the desert forever flirting with the wind
To feel each minute grain of my sand
Moving - lost in your whirl- to announce our wedding!
I missed you - Mr Wind - my Darling!


Now that we are apart
And each one took a way
Now that our destinations diverged
Each of us has a word to say

Sometimes memories queue up in the mind
Then pass by
Whole scenes, spoken and unspoken language
Single words, a smile, a hello or a bye

Now I am a mere viewer, a proof- reader
Holding a correction pen, muttering
What if I used this word? What if I left no reply?
Where is the harm in saying "yes" instead of "no"?
How could I have said so and so?

And the pages of memories whirled past me
Taking a new form
And I read the new version simply to say
"How vast the difference is”!
And that difference could have made the difference!
And changed a whole world!

Now that we both turned the page, no haste, no rage
Let us be equipped with an eraser,
With the word and its antonym
Let us remember that every punish has a forgive
Every blame has praise and every sad can be glad!

Now that we are miles away, let us grasp the lesson
And accept the price to pay!
For looking back can break the neck!

City : tunis
Country: tunisia