Wednesday, August 1, 2018




Pulled by powerful magnetism
I’m aboard an Arctic cruise ship
Ice cap, ice breaker
Thermal gloves, cocktail shaker

Sunglasses against the glare of white
The captain carefully navigating
Binoculars scanning floating icebergs
Scenery so serene, scintillating

Fur lined boots, fjords
Company on deck heartily laughing
Seals lie languidly on snow clad rocks
Suddenly a blue-green iceberg’s calving

Night time brings a new panorama
On deck I watch as I’m dining
The dome of darkness lit by stars
The Great Bear in brilliance shining


‘I saw a beautiful sun, nannie
It was orange, shining bright
I saw it on the way home, nannie
Hope I see it again tonight’

‘What was that sun I saw, nannie’
‘Oh, that was the sun going down’
‘Going down where, nannie -
To the other side of town’ ?


Come lie with me on warm grass awhile
Inhale the sweet clover, the scent of pure soil
Walk hand in hand beneath hawthorn trees
White petals drifting by in a warm Summer breeze

Stroll arm in arm along a lane to a bog
Taste succulent blackberries, hear the croak of a frog
See the beauty of butterworts growing by a stream
From cupped hands sip cool well water - a dream

Watch a dazzling dragonfly flit to and fro
See young trout darting to the shadows below
Hear the pheasant’s call as it takes to the air
Tall creamy meadowsweet in bloom everywhere

Touch the bog cotton, feel the sun on your face
My gift to you is any wild place


Warmth of Spring
Sap rises
Growth surges anew

Take it, take it
Take the sun’s caress
Take the richness of the earth

Renewal, rebirth
Sap spreads through every vein
Every sinew

A great greening
Unleashing of leaves
Buds burst forth
In quick succession

Plants don’t stop to ponder
The time is now
Be swept up with the rising sap
For it is Spring, it is Spring
Embrace the feeling it awakens


Each side of the road covered
In wild garlic around every turn I pass
Wonderful white flowers flourishing
On either side there en masse

A winding avenue garlanded in garlic
Low banks and verges alike
No palace could ever compare with
That scene I passed on my bike!


MARGARET O’DRISCOLL lives in West Cork, Ireland and is a poetry writer, curator and editor. Her poetry has been published in various international anthologies, ezines and journals. She published her first collection in 2016, ‘The Best Things In Life Are Free’, it has received star reviews and many of the poems included have been translated into many languages worldwide.

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