Wednesday, August 1, 2018




Every time I look to collect my ashes
Wind blows away
Windy – windy
Why do you erase my longing?
Why do you give me peace?
I want to suffer- over your air where you go free
The sea shows me where the smile can be found
Gives me a light breath on my face
Give it also to me
Courage, hope…
Why do you build a smile over my body,
When once has been FORGOTTEN…?!
Let me Dance with you,
Let me open your chest,
To feel your air,
All free!


The moon woke up the night…
The dawn opened the enthusiastic eyes,
The light is unloaded from a heavy burden…
The soul asks:
What about love,
Will it knock in white
In my soul?!


A foolish day,
Covers my pain,
The most beautiful one in the world…
Makes me feel lonely,
Smiling like crazy…
From the soul rancor
I through everything over you,
Over your sea…
With goodness I ask you to cover me,
To tell myself: I am not alone!
Foolish day… I am with you,
I ask what I want,
For my life, for myself,
For the accompanied loneliness…


Today, I was born among the demons…
I gave them a wound of love,
To the mad men…
I watched them,
Got their blood,
I colored my beautiful face.
At my demonized happiness
And I buried all of them…
Forgot that I buried even you…


MALSORE LLAPASHTICA was born on 13.04.1980 in Pristina, Kosovo. In 2006 she graduated in Philology Faculty in Pristina – in Albanian Language and Literature and finished her Master’s degree in the same. Malsore has worked as journalist in “The World Today”, “20 Minutes”, “Illyria Post”, “Independence News”. Except as journalist, she worked also in Kosovo’s government, in the Ministry for Community and Return in the role of Administration’s director. Malsore Llapashtica has published three volumes of poetries: “The closed bird” in 1997 and “I bored the assassins” in 2000 (in Albanian language) and “Silence of Love “ in 2014 (in Italian language). She participated in many poetical events around the world where she was rewarded for the best poetry. She was also one of the first youngest intellectuals of Kosovo that joined the caravan of child literature. She lived in Italy and worked teaching  in international school in Italy. Now she do teaching in Uganda, Africa. She is in the process of publishing her fourth book which is based on a true story (war book) in Canada.

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