Wednesday, August 1, 2018




At the centre of the plush, glazing galaxy
Is a gaping hole, a cannibal with a hunger for energies
Near it time stops, in it time is destroyed.
Alas! Naive human perceptions offer such deception.
Struggle for sustenance and the ennui of endowments
Suck in, the sun soaked dreams and ecstasies.

Yet, hugging the feathery horizons of the mind
There are innumerable mesmerising mirages
Buried beneath the facade of fertile musings,
Having no tepid, doable conception.

Ephemeral dreams, stems on gossamer wings
Pushing through broken breaths, of beaten beings.
There’s a beguiling danger in its beauty
Like a delicate bandeaux of silk and lace
It lures and seduces inhibited desires
Baring naked, faces of opalescent ecstasies
Cocooning inside frosted clutches of biting clime.

Holding on to the vivid magics of ornate whorls
Walk in and walk out of this omnibus world
Emotional humans of indigent instincts.


A howling scream awakens me from a chaotic dream
That, was crossing the barbed boundaries of my imagination.

Blurry the life was, for unknown reasons
A silent nocturnal sea lulled in me
Salty haze obliterated the vision.

The midnight moon wrapped me in its folds,
cuddling like a mother does to a distressed child in her hold

The earth beneath felt tender and warm
The dew wet emerald grass, tickled the feet, kissed my palm.

The silhouette of the old oak, for the rest I leaned
stretched its branches in a silent reflection,
Shy under the shades of the silver sheen.

‘La Luna’, the guardian of the night, a halo of argent mystery
Hanging in the lonely sky, had seen the lonely child in me.

It whispered a lullaby, drawing me into the formed waves of its crest
Soulful, like a nightingale sang before its death.

Shimmered over my mind, a ghostly light
In a rare hypnosis
Moon, my muse, settled my heart in dead delight!

Bunching all sorrowful breaths in an innocent grip
Cuddling crescent La Luna,
I fell  into a deep foetal sleep.

Baring its teeth, still stare an empty darkness
The night, has a saccharine thirst to satiate,
To annihilate another dream it awaits.


I give you a choice
your present to alter,
to unlearn things that cause
your lungs to shrivel,
make your heart beat falter.

A choice
to breathe the cardamom evenings,
watch the sky changing colours,
feel the heart rise and fall with the ocean.

A choice
to find solace
in falling rain drops, the slowly rising sun,
and patches of green that still remain .

A choice
to stop singling things
that rip you apart,
plant a cluster of stardust
on your tongue
when your words don’t burst.

A choice
to dwell in a love filled heart
a home, for a limpid start.
Give life a second breath,
a comforting succour to the stale wreath,
brave rise even from the grave.

Or choose
to let me go empty hands,
dwell in a void as before,
let yourself slowly wither
each autumn a little more.


NANDITA SAMANTA a resident of Kolkata, was in a teaching profession, presently a relationship and parenting consultant, secretary of poetry forum, a multilingual poet, a short story writer, a reviewer, an artist, the winner of poetry competitions organized by popular websites as etc. Her poetry collection, ‘Scattered Moments’ has found good readership, is well appreciated and reviewed. Her poems and short stories feature in various international and national anthologies, magazines, journals and e-zines. Poems have been aired in the U.K. And US radio channels and also have been translated by renowned poets. Her paintings have been showcased and sold at various exhibitions. From Kolkata, West Bengal. India.

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