Wednesday, August 1, 2018




My eyes gaze at the galaxies of stars
Fingers touching moonbeams as they dust the sky
Breathing in the fresh night air
Soaking in the stillness of the moment
Night sounds are God’s own chorus
Surrounding me like a symphony.

Life’s energy radiating out toward the sun
Forming rainbow prisms in the sky
Bringing promises of a new day
My soul soars on the wings of angels
As my eyes gaze upon the multitude of stars
Fingers touching moonbeams as they dust the sky.
All rights reserved.  September 15, 2016


I touched the sky
When the rest of my life was falling down
Grace forgave me
Love found me
A new light shone all around.

It takes a great awakening
To make you see
How insignificant one can be
Like grains of sand on a beach
Or multitudes of stars in the sky.

One of many whose life extinguishes
Like a flame
As new life replaces old
So it goes on and on.

I touched the sky.
All rights reserved. 2017


Like a bird in a cage
With my wings clipped
I can not fly
Held captive by your manipulative
Cold heart and lies that bind.

I remain inside even with escape in sight
Afraid of you tormenting me
Keeping me always in your sight
No freedom and scared to fly.

People wonder why I remain
Leave, go, run away
But I am unable to leave the ones I love
To take my place inside that gilded cage.

Abuse comes in all sizes and shapes
It is hard for the abused bird to escape
Mind games and threats of violence ensue
I could never win any mind games with you.

Hoping a lover will come into view
That can rid me of my hang-ups
Caused by trusting and loving you
Soon I will try my wings
Lift myself up towards the sky.

Abuse comes in all sizes and shapes
It is hard for the abused bird to escape
The gilded cage serves as a safe place
To hide from the world and dream
Of beautiful places that are just a flight away
If the abused  bird can learn to spread her wings and fly.
All rights reserved.  March 5, 2016


ANN LANDRUM STOCKSTILL. I love poetry and writing verses that free the mind and soul and often serve as therapy for trying situations.  I am currently working in the Criminal Justice System as a parole officer.  I retired from teaching Jr High School science and English in 2008 and started writing several years later. I have published 10 poetry books, 3 children's books and working on adult novels and another children's chapter book.  My passion is my horses which have won world titles and produced offspring that have been shipped internationally. My favorite horses are black/white paints and I specialized in breeding homozygous paint horses. I enjoy reading and am working on putting my poetry on audio books for people who like to listen to books while driving. Anthologies are great resources of work around the world and the common needs people have for love and acceptance.

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