Wednesday, August 1, 2018




The wounds my soul received
Have not yet ceased to bleed
For emotional stability
I have a crying need
Like an ocean whipped by winds
During a storm
Pining for serenity
Looking like glass
I hope my confusion will soon pass
I don’t recognize myself any more
I long to be the person I was before
Regain my calmness
My joyfulness
My tolerance
My leniency
My gentleness
My compassion
My illumination
The gift to forget
And forgive
As long as I live
No way will I yield myself to defeat
I will rise to my feet
I will not hold a grudge
Against anyone of you
Despite the pain
The indignation
The acrid frustration
I have been through
Do not worry about me
I will manage!
From God I will get a surge of courage
Snug and safe on shore
Where blissful I will be, no pain
Ever more
Jenuary 2018


Let your imagination roam
Picture a breathtaking place
That will be one day your home
Perfection never seen or known before
My yearning for this land grows more and more
I must worship the lord here below
Till the time comes for me to go
The gardens of Eden I aspire
“There will be there all that the souls could desire”
Pure delight without pain or suffering
No hatred or resentment among human beings
A land where all my qualms will cease
A land filled with love, joy and peace
A place where I will never grow old
Will be adorned with bracelet of gold
I will wear garments of fine silk
Drink from rivers flowing with honey and milk
I will feel no sickness or pain
Will endure no mental strain
Live eternally enjoying the pleasures therein
Will hear no ill speech or commission of sin
The hearts of all people will be pure
In God’s clemency confident and secure
A land where prophets, saints and angels reside
If you are righteous, you can stand at their side
This place I long to be
God has prepared it for you and me
I rely upon what the lord and His prophets say
I hope I will see that beautiful land one day
June 2018


I am a human being
Born to be free
My mind is my own
No man has authority over me
I am happy to be me
In life , I have set a goal
To practice self-control
I battle everyday
Not to let my emotions
Have the final say
Control my actions by my own will
In difficult situations
I endeavor to linger calm and still
Refrain from expressing anger
Come out from any trial
Wiser and stronger
Never say hurtful things
Respect all human beings
In self-control
I confirm my soul


HASSEN GARA, a Tunisian Senior English head teacher , graduated from the University of Arts and Human Sciences of Tunis in 1983.He  was sent by the Ministry of Education for a language refresher training in the USA , Louisiana in 1982 . He took the opportunity to take two courses: child psychology and development of vocabulary at the University of South West Louisiana. Actually, He is retired, but he is determined to devote himself  to reading, doing charity work and writing poetry. He has always believed that poetry is a way to grow emotionally and intellectually. It has served his  innate need to explain himself  and his life in the world.

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