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Extra Terrestrial Wisdom

The wise ones
Looked down
Upon the Earth,
The first one thought
"Is it worth
Going down there
To show them how
It's possible to live
Together in the now
And build for all
A future strong?
Then he thought
"Nah, it'll take too long,
Firstly I'd have
To be prepared
To teach them
How resources
Can be shared
Equally so all
Have enough
Without life having
To be so tough
For so many
Throughout time
It really is a terrible crime.
Anyway they won't listen
Too many want
The stones that glisten
For which they are
Prepared to kill
This creature, man
He has free will,
And with it he
Will always strive
For power over
Everything alive."
The other wise ones
Thought " we too
Agree with every thought
That you
Have clearly put to us
Just now
And our combined wisdom
Can't work out how
We could ever do
The things it would require
To rescue man
From the deep,deep mire
In which he finds
Himself now sinking
Because of his serious
Dearth of thinking."

Tom Higgins 25/04/2015



In Honor We Stand

We stand in perfect silence but hear the cry
Of lost loves lament and pain for souls that die
No words of praise, I'm sorry will you hear from me
I mourn and rage and wave my fist at War's evil vulgarity

I ask this please, let only compassions flag be unfurled
I pray for peace and common sense for this war-torn world
I speak these simple words of peace with bated breath
That no more innocent souls will face a gruesome death

But here I stand before the flag and bow my head
To those who fought and died for freedoms they said
With Aussie courage, they faced enemies rapid fire
To save the world from hate and a forecast future dire

They marched side by side through pain mud stench and flame
I salute your sacrifice and life for in your name we know no shame
I see your weary souls marching on side by side in darkest night
Drum of heartbeats as the bugles call to gird themselves to fight

Suzan Moore Mckie




He took it upon himself

to teach her right from wrong

He took it upon himself

to whip her strong

He told her regularly

where she belonged -

at his feet

he had her keep house -

nice and neat

She took it upon herself

to kill him slow

she knew right from wrong

and he had to go

She kneels regularly

at his grave

sad to see she’s still his slave




Well...maybe not ALL!
But I have written about much of the "seen"
So even though Sam Johnson
Might assert that the other does not exist
I often feel compelled to try to find it.

When I visit a Montana ghost town
I'm not thinking of ghosts
I'm imagining the place full of people
Noisy and happy and living their lives
Gone except there for me.

Scientists seem surprised that we dream
Stories spun of memories and fantasy
Yet I'm more amazed that dreams waking end
That the creation of all the reels and reels
Stops the moment our eyes curtain open.

But maybe the dreams always flow
Perhaps there is some part of our minds
Where the invention continues as ever
Only overwhelmed or overlayed
By the less subtle movies of "reality".

Let us not forget that brightest day
Is simply night with the addition of light
Isn't the darkness really with us still?
Held in abeyance just out of sight
Undercover not removed from existence.

If you have ever altered your consciousness
Perhaps you have observed how things
Can flow and weave into each other
Not held separate by our unwavering attention
Is everything chaos or rigidity or something between?

Then there are those of whom I think
First among them those whom I love
Who are not with me by death or by choice
Or by those circumstances that control
The destiny of who might be and where.

Still, they abide with me wherever I go
Though they remain invisible to observers
The ones I feel the most are often the ones
Most impossibly lost
Who can never truly stand with me again.

And though some resist its mention
What of the unseen mind of God?
Perhaps it is no less real than all the unseen
Past and dreams and forces and spirits around us
Awaiting discovery by those who are of the seen.

©2015 Steven W. Baker



We scaled a wall
a monument.
You pulled me
to the ramparts
to safety.
I had frozen
at the top
in fear.
We sat in a bar
drank beer
you spoke so
much like before
questioning, demanding
more, quickly
as if time was short
not to be wasted.
The street held
only us and
your friends, scattered
in groups, talking low
nodding, raising a hand
as we walked.
Your family thanked
me for coming
while you stood
behind me, then
at my side, smiling
with long hair
to be pushed
out of your eyes.
I don't recall
a goodbye.
When I awoke
you were still
a long time dead.
I had to force
myself to remember.
For that moment
when sleep still
flooded my mind
I believed that
we had spoken
one more time.




Submerse yourself
In joyful colors of life
Forget about the pain
Heartache and strife

Take out your soft brushes
Use many colorful hues
Paint yourself with colors
And take away the dreary blues

Life paired with sunny colors
Can lead to many glorious things
For when we remain optimistic
Our canvas is bright and starts to sing

We all can quite simply
Help paint all of mankind’s path
So go on, get out a blank canvas
Smile, and be prepared to laugh

Sheila Ann Anderson
Copyright 04-23-2015



Hey, I matter. I deserved to be loved
by someone and to be their primary
option.I am tired of being pushed
onto the back burner, as if my
feelings don't matter.
I can be very forgiving and patient
when I choose to be but even someone
like me, gets tired of being rejected
or treated as if I don't matter.
Call me psycho or whatever, I don't
care. Either be with me or not. No
more of trying to pull me back in when
I have already walked away.
I am not an option, I matter.


There was something about her that drew him to her.
He loved the fact that she was a very deep thinker,
even at times when he could not keep up with her.

She had a vitality and a zest for poetry and life
that he knew he would never be able to fathom.

Maybe it was how the light in her brown eye's
turned golden, usually when something popped
into her mind for her to write about.

When her poems were sensual and romantic,
he loved what it brought out in her and in their

With love, lust and passion, what more can
a man ask for?

Sheena M. Mosier




Here I am dearest
Alone in a paradise we owned,
Everything around I see, is a reflection of your beauty..
While tracing the letters
That spelled your name
The thought of you came fresh to me,
It was just like yesterday,
When love was sweet,
Oh, so sweet it was!
That I could wish it last
But fate's been cruel
For our sacred love was sinful..
Your smile that used to please me,
Your hands that I love to hold,
Now only exist in my memory.
The night you said goodbye
How it pained me and wounds still fresh and bleeds.
''Leave my love and never look back''
''Its forbidden too we know''
Those words, I reminisced
On that night as you turn, walk away and slowly fading on my sight.
I was left here alone w/ nothing
Than 2 treasure the remnants of our broken dreams
The night is cold & empty,
My heart wishes for you to touch me..
Did you sometimes spend
a moment in our past?
When you're alone and free to dream at last?
My pure hearts been wounded, tortured by fates cruelty
Wishing the love that cud never b free..




I was at rock bottom
The day that I met you
My life was such a mess
I didn't know what to do

I said, "keep your distance
I'll only bring you pain."
You told me that I won't
Only happiness we'll gain

I gave you all I had
Sick, depressed me
A month of saying no
Still became a we

You were so determined
A future you were sure
In love with the challenge
Thinking my depression you could cure

Well, darling, you did it
You dug me out my hole
You gave me motivation
Revived my heart and soul

I turned my life around
For me and for you
The day I was ready to give you my best
Was the day that you were through

Told to never beg
But for you my knees are bleeding
I thought I knew you loved me
Just one more chance I am pleading...

Sabrina Wadsworth



I am afraid to fall asleep
For I will dream of you again,
But, by staying fully awake,
I can't avoid thinking about you!

In my desperate quest
To find the fountain of forgetfulness,
I found myself drowning instead
In a reservoir of sweet memories
Which keep me trapped
Between two worlds,
One of a naked reality
And the other of pure fantasy,
A real agony, described in simple words!

Now, here I am, alone
Trying to delineate the boundaries
Of my fragile destiny,
Singing the same old song
Because I still love you
And you are the only one
Behind all my poems!

Romeo Della Valle
(c) All rights reserved-2011
New York City




I sat under the
peach tree in those
days, watching
the sun set on my
bandaged home while my
mom chain smoked on
the porch. I would glance at
the girls playing
kickball in the cement circle
that was our block and
butterflies would get stuck
inside my ribcage. I knew I
didn't have a chance with
any of them when they would
drill degradation into my
ears but I didn't care.
I was young and
hope burst from my
pores, even when disease
and funerals tried to
hold it back. Sometimes I would
play with the child next door
or my best friend. We
were all alone in the
throes of that
suburban malnourishment. I
haven't seen the kid next
door since I moved and
my best friend has
cancer. Me? I'm just
a fool writing about
buried days. These poems
peel from my
fingertips like the flowers
that were on my bedroom
wall. I still see the old
neighborhood sometimes in
my dreams, it's love and
filth perfectly preserved. I
want to go back
there. I
want to
set it all
on fire.