Friday, May 1, 2015




I know
Just what you see
Whenever you laid your eyes on me
Another lustful view
To feed your hunger
To satisfy your manhood

You crave
To feel my skin
To sip my sweetness
Drowning in a cold sweat
As you penetrate me deep
Unleashing your beast

You yearn
To choke me hard
Then pull my hair
Calling me names
And make me scream
Begging for mercy

You see
I'm not a toy
For you to toss around
For you to pin me down
Nor I am a slave
Bowing down to your order

I am
A rose in the garden
Beauty with thorns
I deserve to be loved
To be protected
To feel wanted
To be pampered

For I am
Carrying the sacred shrine
For future generation
For I am created
To stand by your side
To be a queen for only one king

So please
Untie me now
And hold my hand
Find me a home
Inside your heart
For I am your lover
For I am more than a woman


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