Friday, May 1, 2015




I was at rock bottom
The day that I met you
My life was such a mess
I didn't know what to do

I said, "keep your distance
I'll only bring you pain."
You told me that I won't
Only happiness we'll gain

I gave you all I had
Sick, depressed me
A month of saying no
Still became a we

You were so determined
A future you were sure
In love with the challenge
Thinking my depression you could cure

Well, darling, you did it
You dug me out my hole
You gave me motivation
Revived my heart and soul

I turned my life around
For me and for you
The day I was ready to give you my best
Was the day that you were through

Told to never beg
But for you my knees are bleeding
I thought I knew you loved me
Just one more chance I am pleading...

Sabrina Wadsworth

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