Friday, May 1, 2015




On a Winters night in a frozen street,
crowds walk on icy ground,
neath the neon lights over trampled dreams,
a silent glance is found.
For midst the crowd sits an Angels face,
a moment froze in time,
below the snows neath the neon lights,
our eyes embrace and smile.
I moved towards from whence she glanced,
to where she still should be,
but standing there amidst the crowds,
her eyes are lost to me.
Through crowded streets I walked alone,
still searching her embrace,
with saddened eyes I searched once more,
she'd gone and left no trace.
Each snowy night on frosted streets,
I walk on icy ground,
over trampled dreams I seek that smile,
or vision I once found.
I search each city street,
I search each barren field,
I search each face each smile,
I search my dream revealed.
Each day I live the same routine,
walking snows in Winter chill,
each day I think she's lost for good,
and yet I seek her still.
In barren fields I walk alone,
brittle ice snaps under toe,
all seems lost but for one thing,
A single rose stands in the snow.

A.A.Hedley. (cpyrt)

From the book CAPRICE SHADOWS;

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