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Stars above thy head
Shines light upon a dark soul
Reach thy hand and find
~ Haiku: Stacia Lynn Reynolds ~

We, as poets and poetess, express a unique intensity about us. This passion allows us to paint images of the world with our words, along with portraying emotions and ideals in our own styles and rhythms. Poetry is the beauty of our expression through allegory, symbolism, sound and meaning; formulating an imaginative verse to draw emotion or a particular response from the reader. We bring awareness to various subjects encountered through life, whether it be love, war, peace, poverty or prosperity. We construct and arrange our words in a way that leaves a permanent effect or thought to ponder upon. Our words are profound, powerful, exciting, imaginative and elevated in thought; thoughts that come deep within the soul and mind. Poet’s words dance within the minds and senses of those who read their words. The reader sees, feels, smells, tastes and hears each expressed vowel and consonant. We, as poets and poetess, have a unique talent, unique minds and a unique ability to convey the world around us.

We, at times, may seem to be peculiar people to the world, but when our words are read or spoken aloud, our passion is revealed, and a deeper understanding or view occurs. For this reason, Our Poetry Archive features the beauty of each poet or poetess and their words. Along with the featured poets, the introduction of “Poet of the Month” was birthed in April of this year, 2016. The purpose was to bring to light different poetess’ or poet’s views through a personal interview. It has been a great success, beginning with Ana Nedelcu, then Sandy Sass in May. For June, we are proud to present Poet Michael Marrotti’s interview, expressed in his own words. These are three very passionate people, with different backgrounds and way of life, but they all have one thing in common, the intensity and beauty of expression.

This June we are happy to introduce sixteen new poets from different parts of the world to our readers. Our Poetry Archive appreciates the support of each reader and poet. And for this we would like to extend our gratitude to poetess Alicja Kuberska of Poland for bringing in number of poets from Poland to our poetry journal. Your support is appreciated, and humbly asks for your continued involvement in our efforts to shine a light upon each poet as they reach for the stars.

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Author Stacia Lynn Reynolds, editor, sincerely thanks each and every poet, poetess and reader who is actively involved in this wonderful blog and continued support of Our Poetry Archive.
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JUNE 2016

Is Pleased To Introduce
In His Own Words:

OPA How long have you been writing Poetry?

MICHAEL About two years now.

OPA Who is your favorite Poet?

MICHAEL Charles Bukowski.

OPA What are some of your favorite genres to read and to write?

MICHAEL Recently, I've become keen on fiction. It's also my favorite writing genre. The possibilities are endless with the right muse, whereas, when it comes to poetry they seem to be more narrow. Especially for me, since my poems are autobiographical.

OPA If you are published please share with us your book.

MICHAEL I have a few manuscripts out there, but no confirmation yet.

OPA What has been the toughest criticism given to you as a writer? What was the biggest compliment? Did those change how or what you write?

MICHAEL Criticism is hard to consider when you incorporate the subjectivity factor. I've been awarded two digital thumbs up so far, and I'm still writing how I always have: from the heart.

OPA When you sit down to write, do you do it the old-fashioned way with pen and paper or do you use a computer? Do you prefer one way or the other?

MICHAEL I'm a 21st century digital author. Going without my spellchecker would be like going without my meds: detrimental!!

OPA What is your favorite poem you have ever written?

MICHAEL My Mother, The Metaphor

OPA What do you do when you are not writing?

MICHAEL I'm a family man first, so needless to say, the majority of my time is spent raising my lovely family. I do however make it over to the Light Of Life homeless shelter to volunteer twice a week like clockwork.

OPA Compared to when you first started writing, have you notice any big changes in your writing style or how you write compared from then to now?

MICHAEL Absolutely. It went from mediocre to extraordinary in my humble opinion.

OPA   What do you look for in a book when you sit down to read for fun?

MICHAEL Anything that's going to take me out of planet Pittsburgh. But usually it's something tragic. I'm a big fan of Hemingway.

OPA What has been your favorite part of being a poet or and author? What has been your least favorite?

MICHAEL The chance to offer catharsis through words, and maybe immortality. I don't have a least part.

OPA When you walk into a bookstore, where do you head to first? Why?

MICHAEL I go straight to the Hemingway section. I'm on a mission to obtain the man's entire catalogue.

OPA Did you get to quit your day job and become a writer and or author or do you still have a day job and writing is something you do for fun? If you still have a day job, what is it?

MICHAEL I've emancipated myself from the system of servitude to pursue writing full-time. I don't make much money from it, but I'm not writing for the material incentive.

OPA   What has been the strangest thing that a reader has asked you?

MICHAEL What kind of shampoo I use. I replied, Garnier Fructis triple nutrition. As long as it's on sale.

OPA Besides writing and reading, what is your most favorite thing to do?

MICHAEL Family and philanthropy.

OPA Did you have any teacher in school that encouraged you to write? Did you take their advice?


OPA   We all have our little things when it comes to reading, is there anything that bugs you when you read a novel? What is it?

MICHAEL Yeah, bad writing.

OPA   What do you listen to when you write? Do you find one type of music over another that inspires you to write? Why?

MICHAEL Music for me is terrible for the creative process. I never listen to music when I'm writing.

OPA   On a typical weekend, what can we find you doing? Who are you with?

MICHAEL Playing with my wonderful children.

OPA   What genre are you most looking forward to exploring during your writing career? Why?

MICHAEL Poetry. I'm under the assumption that what's beneficial to me can be beneficial for others. I'm out to help other people. Poetry is philanthropy.

OPA   What are you currently reading?

MICHAEL "Dead Boys" by Richard Lange.

OPA   Who are your favorite authors?

MICHAEL Ernest Hemingway, Albert Camus, Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, Friedrich Nietzsche.

OPA What 7 words would you use to describe yourself?

MICHAEL Idealistic, manic, altruistic, paradoxical, kind, dedicated and clever.

MICHAEL MARROTTI is an author from Pittsburgh, using words instead of violence to mitigate the suffering of life in a callous world of redundancy. His primary goal is to help other people. He considers poetry to be a form of philanthropy. When he's not writing, he's volunteering at the Light Of Life homeless shelter on a weekly basis. If you appreciate the man's work, please check out his BLOG for his latest poetry and short stories.

The editorial staff of this project: Deborah Brooks Langford, Stacia Lynn Reynolds ; sincerely thank you for your time and hope we shall have your continued support.




is the kind
of place
that would
dirt as gold
instead of

of their own
Cold as the
winter season
People walking
around in shorts
when its snowing

Trapped on a
dead end road
Lacking logic
Incapable of
minding their
own business
What's the point
if there is no pain
No comprehension
It's the type
of place you leave
your heritage

Andy Warhol
returned after death
But wouldn't
have been caught
dead here
when he was
still breathing

Perpetually known
as the steel city
The way
they treat
their own
Is a theft
of all things
labeled decent


Pittsburgh is like
a bacterial infection
Running low
on amoxicillin
Bringing me down
like an anchor
Two faced people
come to my rescue
in shallow waters

A pretentious judge
and a biased jury
My inebriated mom
alcoholic anonymous
Jewish lawyers
giving me a plea
Back on the streets
After the fight
of my life
Walking home drunk
Falling victim
to police brutality

From this scar
under my left eye
To the horrors
and apprehension
Staples in my head
first time around
at Mercy Hospital
To the birth
of both my sons
It's a sacrifice
to live here

I put up with
this perpetual
hangover of
not for myself
but for the sake
of being close
to those who
matter most
I'm only here
I love my family


My mother's plan
to live vicariously
through me
Worked like a charm

She named me
after an illustrious
artist of the
renaissance era
Unbeknownst to her
Jinxing me in return

I used to elbow drop
my Nintendo as a kid
And grew up to have
violent episodes
that took little

I think its safe to say
Patience is a virtue
I never possessed

Four years is the
amount of time
it took to finish
the Sistine chapel
I'm rarely re-elected
My ex will attest
And prone to fits
of rage during
rush hour traffic

Maybe living in Andy
Warhols old neighborhood
would be inspiring
Which brings me to
where I'm currently at

Two generations of
failed artists


Shitty attitudes
and dubious
weather conditions
The only thing
that's for certain
is this feeling
of indignation

There just ain't
no winning in
a town like this
Three or more
churches to
each zip code
Nothing has
been learned
by the final

Pseudo liberals
all high on
off as good
decent people
When they're
fascist at heart
and fortified
with malice

I'm not up
for a debate
Or a senseless
All I want is to be
left alone
So I can focus
on my writing
and the
of a close minded
society all going
the same way

Each time I walk
out that door
feels like another
day at court
Offering me a plea
Defending myself
like I'm the one
who's guilty


I'm at it again
to reform
the world
through words
when I'm not
using actions
Poetry is
So is volunteering
I'm consistent
with both
Yet assholes
wanna challenge
the integrity
of my character
Ok, here we go
I'm a good person
with a bit of a
My last assault
was against
the police in Dormont
To me it was
self defense
If it wasn't for
my criminal record
I'd be involved
in distributing
you bodily harm
for pushing
my buttons
But I'll refrain
Leading by example
I'm a nice, decent person
Poet Of The Month