Wednesday, June 1, 2016




a warm September day,
the thirteenth,
your birthday, Mom,
smell of coffee on the terrace
sun is frolicking in the asters

there is a pergola in the middle of the orchard
entwined with wild ivy
you are sitting in a rocking chair
squinting your eyes to the sun
and smiling to yourself

how do you measure the past
that burned in a furnace of loss
how do you embrace the seasons of oblivion
what pattern do you cut from the fabric of longing
I look at you from a distance
and regret all those lost years

you rock in your chair and eat an apple
I just need to cross the orchard
and I could nestle in your arms again
feel the soothing warmth
listen to the heart beat
just like when I was a child

a sudden gust of wind
brought clouds of mourning
shadow fell across the aster
I gaze back at the gazebo
and know now, that you are not there

my heart flutters
it refuses to accept
I close my eyes tears flow
you are trapped under my eyelids,
and you have a warm place in my heart
Mom ...


just yesterday she stood at the window
and watched as the life passed by
wilting flowers left in the pots
she no longer squints her eyes at the sun

shutters are still wide open
yellow plaster crumbles from the wall
at the bus stop grim obituary
whispers silent prayer for her soul

yesterday she greeted with a smile
today she adorn memories with tears
she helped the homeless and the hungry
she shared slices of bread out of love

she shared the crumbs with pigeons
little sparrows, squirrels, and cats
who will care for the sad little flock
which misses her sky-blue eyes

yesterday she stood at the window


wrapped with the night
cuddled in a shawl of memories
filled with love
I froze on an empty beach
with feet stuck in the soft sand

staring into the abyss of the sea I can see how
soft golden-orange ball
emerges slowly and majestically rises up
spreads its arms above the horizon
cold night slowly dissolved in a navy blue depths

golden rays bring warmth and hope
surfing on the backs of the waves
tenderly stroking on the coastal rocks
tear through pine branches
pour on the dunes
tickle crumbs of amber and shells
scattered on the beach

enriched by the next dawn
ready for sparring with a new day
I prepare my heart for another lonely night


Grandma! Grandma! Look! Summer has come!
Wherever you look, flowers bow their heads
This scent, so lovely, plaits the senses
A butterfly in a bouquet two bees and a ladybug

I danced in the garden happy and joyful
And picked flowers for you like I did as a little girl
I remember well how you loved flowers

I will put them in a vase next to your picture
I love you, Grandma, and still remember
And carry you through life in my heart

Looking at the sky you see birds in flight
and think of the freedom you yearn for.
You are afraid to reveal your most secret wishes,
your longing for freedom, for your childhood.
You know well, these are longings
that can never come to be.
Nevertheless - you yearn.


Suddenly fell on me today in the garden
Where I sat reading the wonderful verse
The wind dipped their fingers in my hair
Plait my braid tangled tresses and sliced
Then again gently rubbed my hair

Touched my neck and flow over shoulders
Gently slid his hands under my dress
I flushed and embarrassed burned
Felt the blood pulsating in my temples

This scatterbrain no thought to give me a break
Getting nicer caressed me flirtatiously

When he stopped I dreamy whispered
Back to me here mischievous wind once again


Take me for a walk along the river
On the meadow nestled into the edge
Where the sun sings from above
And the wind my dress raises up

Pick up for me a bouquet of wild flowers
Tangle love into it with a pink ribbon
On the bench under the fragrant jasmine
Read poems written in the spring

In the evening back to home
Let's hear the crickets lullaby
Under the sky that we favor
Let's have bread that smells of happiness

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