Wednesday, June 1, 2016




I am a dancer, one of light
dancing on its invisible strings
spider's web alike.

A dancer and a lover
bringing onto this dance floor
the one I love.

Tides of the Universe
are our song
The fields of stars
our erotic adventure.

Sparks of the light
are our joy
Sparks out of the Sun
our homecoming.

I am a dancer, one of light
and you my princess
in the embrace of my arms.

Our vow is scribbled
in eternal, scarlet blood
pouring from our hearts.

And so I am your dancer, one for life
and that’s my vow !

Never ever shall we go apart
for our hearts
have found destiny
in you and me, O’lover !


Have you seen the eagle
slowing down its fly
pirouetting down
to catch its prey ?

It’s me O’lover
for love is forever !

They say
you are a dangerous woman
and I say
you are my babe.

Don’t let me down, O’lover
for I am yours
Notarial papers signed

Love stuff is my Church
you are my virgin
even in the wildest wilderness
under dark sky paradise !

Love is the mission
I shall never abandon
Just crash my party
with your crazy eyes
and wild love !

O’lover, my lover
for love is forever !

Do you remember that first time
somewhere there on a beach
at dusk night, twilight one ?

All the demons rushed away
and we were left alone
two eagles
crowned by the stars !

Oblivion is not our fate
nor any tears
for our love
is forever, O’lover !

© Thaddeus Hutyra 21/04/2016


Sense of life alike sparks of light
is the continuous universe
of one’s conscious life
and of endless vortex of thoughts.

The skies of my mind’s universe
might be boundless
enwrapped in limitlessness
perhaps even infiniteness.

Yet sometimes it is so difficult
to decipher
the true sense of life.

What is it really about ?
Forming a family ?
Enjoying the joys of life?

Being creative in a number of arts ?
Keeping long lasting friendships ?
Having a diploma
and an enthralling job?

Loving the one one really cares for
in most enchanting ways
fulfilling the love’s expectations ?

Whatever to say
sense of life is all of it
magnum opus of one’s life
modus operandi of one’s love.

© Thaddeus Hutyra 03/04/2016


They say I am a chameleon
courting a number of women at once
catching their hearts in my hands
and not letting them go.

They say I am a modern Don Juan
a magician of all arts
A woman in my presence
is dancing, singing, sculpting love.

I am catching women into my pockets
the way I am catching the stars
in my dreamy nights
having them at my side, in all out states.

Chameleon I am indeed
a lover, the magician
Come on, ladies, I am your man
the one who turns your hearts
into the whole Universe !

I am painting the air in a subtle way
carving and sculpting it
I am letting the air perform for me
and I am expressing it
in my maddening, eclectic dance.

As confidently I am treating
all the women of my heart
I, the gigolo of ladies’ hearts
the crimson knight forevermore !

I am the vessel for you, O ladies
one you never ever forget
for we all are one heart
the heart of a chameleon I am.

Know it, O ladies, know it for sure
my heart is the finest crimson diamond
you can wear on your necks
really forevermore, O ladies !

© Thaddeus Hutyra 18/02/2016


I am but a spark of light
the one that bursted into the Universe
during the Big Bang.

The glimmer in the night
the ray of the Sun in the day
but just a spark of light
and of life !

I am a flash and a sparkle, a flare and a glance
a flicker and a beam, a twinkle and a gleam
a shimmering phlox, a glow and afterglow
all of it but just a spark
the one of life !

I am the spark of light
anchored in the spider's web of light
as anyone else !

Somewhere there
on the outskirts of the Universe
in the Milky Way Galaxy.

I am a poet painting all the wonders of the air
a dancer dancing on the dance floor of the light
a choreographer of my very life
who is only a spark
one of light !

We all are but the sparks of light
brought to life
by the Lord.

© Thaddeus Hutyra 08/03/2016


Look O’man, look O’woman
look at all those pebbles of my mind
look closer and see the marvel
for they are eagles, the eagles of my mind !

How they fly across the skies
of my very mind
how they fly out of it
into the far space of the Universe !

I am sure no universes can have
their gates unopened
for the eagles of my mind !
For they are the eagles of the Universe !

How they fly in majestic ways
confidently aviate, flutter and flicker
rush and wing, fall and float, and soar
they, the eagles of my mind !

Fly O’eagles of my thoughts
fly O’eagles of my mind
transcend everything who I am
into the oneness of I and the space !

Fly, O’wizardly eagles
fly where no one ever was
for the infiniteness of the Universe
is the boundlessness of my very mind.

Fly O’eagles of my thoughts
be the challenge for me
the sanguine one !

Thaddeus Hutyra

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