Friday, May 1, 2015




Take me to church!
So that before that glorious altar, my knees;
To alter all of my wrongs for long.
My mouth opens of sins untold,
Hands together
With teary eyes please don't scold.

Take me to church!
So that all the demons ni nu aye mi can cast out fast at last.
And of my life like a snow, white wash!
Feed me more, the bread of life
And of you make of me a glutton like Oliver.

Take me to church!
Where voices sing to thee on high, The Most High!
Of offerings, this token; accept and multiply with no slash,
O my provider!
Take me through the pages of your word
And through the mouth of your Prophet
Speak to the bleak in me to see.
Holy! Holy is your name, heaven and earth are before thee.
Searching for fun but still can't find
Take me to church!

#poetry #myprayer #takemetochurch

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