Wednesday, August 1, 2018




Far and wide I travelled
to find you…
This you should know!
Scores of people I met
before you I saw…
I crossed oceans
I carved roads on clouds…
In thunder and storm
your form became my shield!
You ought to know!
Hostile lands I made my home
I drank water from the seas
my thirst to quench…
This you should know!
Hope wrapped up my body
keeping it warm at night…
The stars were my guide…
but their light flickered!
A handful of joy
dispersed in the air…
A tear hung around my neck
A smile buried in sweltering heat
I want you to know!
I caught a glimpse of your radiance through the haze
and, with bated breath,
I met your limpid gaze
and into your waters I rushed to plunge
of my ceaseless wanderings
to wash off the mud.
This, you should know!
I want you to know!


My heart stands still
in your presence!
Reverent are the hours that virtues become
and set sail on the vessel of my love.
The sky remoulds the world for you,
injecting hues in colourless things
reshaping the clouds
to form a rainbow smile…
My love invigorating
will enfold you…
It will blossom for you!
Open wide the blinds of your soul
remove your bolts
the torrent of my passion
all around you
will be raging.


Be still! Await a while my steps to heed,
the ones that lead to you!
Hold still! My heavy breath no longer stands
to trail behind your thoughts
to overtake wild throbs!
Throbs of yearning… yearning to conjoin
To swirl and spin….to twirl and blend…
Like raindrops merging with the river flow.
Hold still! That I may embrace you
while your life-giving gaze leads me
to happiness unbound…to happiness untamed!
Hold still! My steps thither I have traced…
To the stentorian radiance of your existence
To the stentorian might of your love!


RANIA  ANGELAKOUDI  lives most of the time in Greece. She was born in a smal town in Sweden and dreaming of became a painter. She studied everything about great painters. At the same time she started introduce herself in poetry writing some two or three lyrics as a teenager. Later on at university she studied English Literature and language. This helped her to meet the famous British and American Poets. In combination with the Greeks created her own poetic path receiving many international and national awards. The most important in 2015 under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of culture and the nomination of the ‘Icon for World Peace’ in November 2016. Later on January 2017 she was titled Ambassador at large for Greek and Swedish Branches for WIP organization. She has contributed work to a number of national and international Collections  and  Anthologies. She works as a Journalist  and a Teacher. She is acting for the environment’s protection and peace in the world.

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