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The soccer world cup 2018 held in Russia is over. Personally I have watched all the 64 matches live on the television set in my house. It was really one grueling experience to watch so many matches even late at night over thirty one days. Yet it was really worthwhile. Playing football at this highest level of creative talent is no less an achievement than writing poems with literary merits. Watching so many different countries with different football skills and football traditions is really enjoyable. Even it reminds me of the different literary traditions that we try to showcase every month in OPA. These exchanges of different traditions and cultures in different spheres of life are very essential for the humanity as a whole to proceed beyond the present realm of civilization.

As we are working in the literary field with poetry, it is our way of expression to disclose our emotions and sympathies with others. Poetry without sympathy can never touch human souls with emotion. Poetry without emotion can never move human souls with sympathy. Yet only the emotional poetry may bore us soon. So to preserve the emotions with sympathy in expressing poetic talents requires great skill. If only we can master this skill only then we can be able to reach more hearts with our poetical creative brilliances. And even this skill requires deep philosophical insights with spiritual realizations of eternity. Only then a poet can reach to a greater audience. These thoughts were behind our minds before we embarked upon the project of bringing the fourth OPA Anthology. So our main objective of the Anthology was to bring out one representative collection of creative brilliances around the world regarding the spiritual realizations and the philosophy of spirituality as perceived by the contemporary poets of the present time. We did our best to make it representative and referential one.

After the successful publication of the OPA Anthology of Spiritual Poetry ‘Beyond Borders’, we are back with our regular monthly issues. We would like to thank all the participators of ‘Beyond Borders’ from the entire editorial desk of Our Poetry Archive. Our readers would know, that every year we are publishing one Anthology based upon one particular topic or subject. To our surprise we are blessed with the vast number of contributions from the participators all over the world. This is really an amazing achievement for us especially during this very short period of web publishing. We would also like to thank all our friends for their kind support and participations helping OPA in every respect. Even we are happy to announce that the number of readers is also increasing day by day. The total number of page views has now crossed 500000 marks, including the page views of the Anthologies published by OPA so far.

At the beginning of our journey our mission was to build up one international platform where readers can find out different literary cultures and traditions in one place. We thought it will help us to understand different voices around the world, which may one day bring harmony among mutual differences. Yes we still believe this is one of the useful gateways to cover-up the tensions among different nations and nationalities. People will one day come to understand that we are actually equal among all the inequalities, which makes the human civilized. We believe our civilization requires these human steps especially at this present time of political and social turmoil around the world. Yes at first it may sound to some extent a Utopian idea that poetry can bring harmony among mutual difference leading to ease out the socio political tensions around. Yes, it is not at all an easy task, nor even can be achieved in our lifetime. Yet we can only start the journey. Let’s see what can we do ourselves and how far can we proceed collectively. We still believe that as poets and thinkers writers and creative artists alike it is also our responsibilities to proceed along this line of vision. And to our surprise we have won many friends along this collective journey so far. Yes, this is just the beginning and the road is long ahead. We hope more and more responsible world citizens also will join with us in this long march of Poetical Revolution to make this world a peaceful and harmonious abode for humanity.

With this hope, here we are again with this present number of ‘Our Poetry Archive: August 2018 Volume Four Number Five.’ This is a general issue and we are glad to introduce twelve new poets to our regular readers in this number. We hope readers will also enjoy their talents along with others’ poems. This month our Poet of the Month is poet Margaret O’Driscoll of United States. Readers will find her interview with our editorial panel much interesting. Our heartfelt thank goes to the poetess for her acceptance of our invitation.

We would also like to request our readers and poets alike, to introduce Our Poetry Archive to their friends and relatives who love the music of poetry.  Anyone who wants to showcase his or her literary talents internationally is also most welcome to OPA. Any talented poet can send at least 3 poems and one current profile picture along with the explicit confirmation of the permission to publish his or her copyrighted materials in OPA. Our mail address is

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