Wednesday, August 1, 2018




If I change you so much,
that you are not able to recognize yourself
that you are looking for yourself
If you are not quieter and better now
If you see that it`s not you
and that everyone is ruder and more grey
If you somehow drift apart
from your dearest ones
Don`t look for me any more
go the other way
to avoid as soon as possible
into delusion
If our glances are dishonest,
as if our souls elude
The world will be colorless
Thousands of beautiful creatures
will be forced later
to paint it with its real colors
and to be agonized, while the grey ones exist
and swallow the most wonderful colors in the world
If you are ready to be crazier
If you ask yourself who you have been
until now
where and how you have been hiding
finally, have you been you
if the eyes of the grey ones
have sparks
Look for me, and we will color the world with our colors
and save ourselves
and others
from  grey rainbow


From a grief, I never make an anchor it pulls me deeper into the bottom  I don't cure injustice I don't cure the evil Because I would just prolong a pain  I'm breaking all in Silver powder from which I point out comets  I'm pouring my sleepy moon and I'm spilling it into the stars  In the forge of my life Love is a blacksmith  I'm moaning goodness I temper beauty  I'm sculpturing my dream


I remember only bellicose laughter Doesn’t matter when Doesn’t matter why

I remember the wet eyes Doesn’t matter wherever

I remember the hair on the face  But don’t remember the strength of the wind I remember the joy in the eyes

Rainbow and cherry blossom  are also important during the Winter  I remember the palm of the hand Doesn’t matter whose When it touches the soul

One moment is more important than the century Your wings are the shadow above the soul The Invisible one has the nest in the heart And only the beauty And only the goodness  Just silence Marrying That You're There


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