Monday, May 1, 2017




Live with love, dears live with love,
Love gifts happiness and care!
Okay, for the love live as fire!
Love is the exact step to aim that brings happiness!
Without love, no need a heart?
Is the differences soul without love and stone,
Live with love, for the love live as fire!
Stone is better than cruel love!
In every second, human is alive with love,
In every second, human is in the 7th heaven,
However, do not complain this
It was created to be care for souls!
Live with love, dears, love insatiable,
Realise the feeling that always with you.
Because, it worth for 1000 times without doubt,
Parents, Motherland, Humans and Allah!


It's four day world that we live in,
For that four day life, 4000 year we suffered,
Four seasons seem to be 4000 months,
We took four days baggage on our shoulder!
We sailed traveled as a wind to four sides,
As a mud flow we took four sides as qibla,
We strived our small lives to four sides,
What we achieved except for pain?
People saw 400 millions human beings,
None could achieve immortality,
But, we live for four days, we left without memory,
There are people that their memories live for four centuries!


You exist somewhere, I know,
I just imagine,
For other I'm unfulfilled dream,
The person that I'm looking for, do you look for me?
Do you also remember me?
There is a limit for being lonely,
They worth for the worlds,
So, meeting waits for,
Do you travel the world for me?
Do you remember, with saying that: where is my happiness?
There is a future that pure and soft,
It's our fate, believe,
My dream, don’t want to be unfulfilled dream,
Do you talk about me?
Do you remember sweet words?
May be you are not aware of that I exist, Maybe you are not thankful as me,
You are created only for me,
The person that I'm looking for, do you look for me?
Do you also remember me?


Look, the flower grew on the stone,
Is the flower enough powerful to win?
Or the stone is so week?
What is the feeling of flower to do this?
Strived to only hope!
And forget the pain of barrers,
How many challenges it faced…
It hoped to hope everyday!
Flower rose on strong stone,
Flower is also worth to be respectful,
There is people who are 100 years old,
Who are afraid of even the stone…
Look, the flower grew on the stone!


Autumn... Back of the windows, There are whispering drops. The tears of the clouds, Are lashing the ground.
Tiny-tiny raindrops, Everybody is sick of you. They appear as hunters, That to steal my joys.
It showers again and again,
It showers everywhere. They are scattering drops,
Which stroke my hair.
Oh, helpless raindrops, Pieces of the rain. It shines in the sky, To turn out of the drops.
On the back of the window Whispering-whispering drops
When I look at you
The heart burns, the soul is milled Whispering-whispering drops Which are lashing my heart!


DILAFRUZ ISTAMOVA was born on 28th November, in 1999 in Shafirkan district, Bukhara region, Uzbekistan. Her nationality is Uzbek. Her “Qalbim sadosi” (“Resonance of my soul”), “Yoshlik sururi” (“Youth flock”), “Baxtli bolalik” (“A happy childhood”) books were published. Her poems included in many local, national,international papers, magazines ("Society"(Jamiyat), "Literature and art of Uzbekistan"(O'zbekiston adabiyoti va san'ati", "Dono-word", "Sarguzasht","Buxoro yoshlari","Buxoroyi Sharif","Buxoronoma","Iste'dod","Sharq dunyosi", "Samarkand", " Ulug'bek vorislari","Fidoyi yoshlar" and others) , International anthologies “XXI Century World Literature” of india and Spanish anthology "Voces poeticas de sigles". And published in “Kafla-Intercontinental”, "The times of india", "Soflay Literary magazine"( Mexico), Chili and other countries. Dilafruz gained two times “Sahitya Sree” and "Shan-e-adab" international literary awards and honorary diploma of USA in 2016. Her fourth poetry collection- "I am Uzbek" was published in North Carolina,USA. She took part in XI "World Festival Of Poetry" in Udaipur.

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